Rove and Fitzgerald Meet with Grand Jury Today

With Mother's Day and my birthday fast approaching, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has taken steps to deliver me the best month of May in recent history. I can tell my husband to cancel birthday plans. Dear, sweet Pat is going to deliver the gifts for him. How thoughtful! And, he doesn't even have to wrap them.

More detail below the fold...

The AP (linked to above) is reporting that Karl Rove met with his attorneys and Fitzgerald this morning and will be testifying once again in front of the grand jury.

Suspicion's have been flying since Rove took a reduction in role and lost policy power at the White House. Anyone who's followed this case closely knew something was about to happen.

I am left wondering just how much time Rove is going to have to dedicate to playing campaign politics if an indictment is handed down.


I hope Rove stays put.

He's a one trick pony, from all I can tell. "Dirty" trick. But I think he's overplayed his hand. Republicans have no credibility on any front any more, and Rove (Bush's brain) is the poster child for incompetence.

If Rove stays...

PigVomit may be a one trick pony, but his one trick (winning elections) has proven to be rather valuable for the Republican Patry.


....and is why I posted this at BlueNC. His "winning ways" filter down and impact campaigns on all levels. With Karl Rove otherwise occupied the Republican machine will start to break down. I look forward to watching the spectacle.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Pig Vomit.

I keep thinking our fellow Americans can't keep falling for his stinky stench, but maybe I'm misunderestimatin' them again. You're probably right. Better to have him behind bars, directing the off year elections with some badass jailbird covering his behind.