Better late than never . . .

Dole: Navy must withdraw recommendation for Washington County OLF

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole today sent a letter to the Secretary of the Navy opposing the Navy’s proposal to build an outlying landing field in Washington County and calling on the service to withdraw its recommendation for an OLF at that site.

“I appreciate the extensive discussions that we and our staffs have had over the last several weeks regarding the Navy’s proposal for an outlying landing field in North Carolina,” Dole wrote to Navy Secretary Donald Winter. “As I have conveyed to you, the Navy’s proposal to build an OLF in Washington County is simply not feasible.

“In the best interests of both North Carolinians and the service, the Navy must withdraw its recommendation for an OLF in Washington County, and focus on operationally viable sites in North Carolina where environmental and other problems are very limited, and where residents are more receptive to such a facility and its potential for long-term economic development. I will oppose funding for an OLF in Washington County, as well as other potential sites that fail to meet these standards.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the Navy – and facilitating a dialogue with state and local officials and my colleagues in the North Carolina congressional delegation – to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible that will both benefit residents of North Carolina and provide pilots with the training that they require and deserve.”

There will be plenty of people gushing over Liddy taking a stand against this OLF. I will not be one of them. Liddy Dole made the deal with John Warner that caused millions in wasted dollars and untold heartache among people all across the state.

Liddy Dole owes We the People of North Carolina an apology.



anywhere in NC.

And no Dole - anywhere in the Senate.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Amen to that.

I'm sure she's all proud of herself for being deliberative and whatever. But the truth is, it took her years to see what any honest person could see in 30 minutes if they weren't blinded by a political agenda.

we assume...

...attending that meeting she called the other night and hearing the voices of the people must have changed her mind.

if i were marshall adame, i'd declare a victory:

a "our voices even converted the most intransigent...congratulations third let's finish this thing off" sort of message might arouse more activism, association, and support.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

did you listen to her statement?

I guess you already know this, but she's saying she supports an OLF in NC, and wants it to relocated to area where people know their place and don't make such a fuss.

She's saying the OLF should be moved to a site "where residents are more receptive to such a facility and it's potential for economic development."

We'll see if any "residents"

in North Carolina will be receptive to cleaning up Virginia's mess, but I'd consider those long odds.

Plus, how can the Navy even undertake the process with a shred of integrity after arguing for the past five years that Site C is the best location in the state?

By listening to that

it makes me think that she's just sick of hearing us gripe about it. Not that she truly understands the wildlife and economic impacts this will have.

That does not sit well with me.

I think I"m going to


*fans self*

I'm so proud, I'm so happy, I'm so glad she got the wax out of her ears, and the ink to come out of her pen & write NO OLF.

There is no Potential

it's potential for economic development."

What's a strip of concrete do for a place after it's built?

It's not like the pilots are going to get out and run down the street for a soda....sheesh.


I wonder......If the good people of NC had not protested

so powerfully, would this letter from Liddy be sent today of or ever?? I think not.
She waited to see where the winner was Virginia or North Carolina...and then fell to that side. If not, why did she wait till the midnight hour?
The very same tactic often employed by Walter Jones.

She serves no purpose for the people of NC.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

I think we have turned the corner.

The Senator has opened the door for the Navy to back off.

If the Navy continues with site C and buck Dole,Burr,Easley,Butterfield,
Price,Etheridge,Miller,Watt,Shuler, McIntyre, Jones,Hayes,Coble,Troxler, Hall, Perdue, Moore... it would be a slap in the face to the people of NC.

If that happens you will see some very angry folks. My grandmother use to say "you don't want to rile up a Tarheel"!

If the Navy quits now, they will not have to publish the 1500 public comments plus thousands of written comments, for the entire world to see their "reversed engineered" con job against the people of this state.

That is probably the smartest thing for the navy

If the Navy quits now, they will not have to publish the 1500 public comments plus thousands of written comments, for the entire world to see their "reversed engineered" con job against the people of this state.

This is truely the only way for them to save face. Only if they "lost" so many of them public hearing boxes. But I have been putting even more comments utilizing the website.

I am positive that many of my comments will be lost as their is no way I can prove I put them in the box. The Navy really cant answer my questions honestly and still say this OLF should go to NC.


All your hard work is paying off. But we are not safe yet.

No one in this state is safe until the Navy comes out publicly and says they will go back to square one.

This is my prayer/vision: At their daily staff meeting one of the fine looking Navy officers, who was ordered to sit on the panel during the seven public hearings has the moral fiber to stand up and loudly exclaim, “Sir, we must cease and desist work on the OLF project immediately. The Navy grabbing fifty square miles of land from our hardworking American mothers, fathers, sister, brothers, is destroying centuries of proud and honorable service to our country. We have taken an oath to protect our countrymen, not wantonly annihilate them in order to satisfy a few politicians, their cohort real estate developers and the former Assistant Sec. of the Navy who right now should be going to jail for illegally bilking millions of dollars in Iraq. We must stop railroading the state of North Carolina and start respecting the REAL PROCESS so we can have a ribbon cutting at the end of an endorsed runway, rather than television cameras showing thousands of Tarheels in the midst of civil unrest, pain and sorrow at the wrong location.”

Do I know how to pretend or what?

That's not pretending---

I remember being told 5+ years ago that we were wasting our time fighting the Navy.

I remember people coming into my place of business (I work for a farm equipment dealer) and telling me we were crazy....that we'd never stand a chance against the Federal Government. I looked right back at these farmers, of whom their land wasn't going to be taken, and told them if they were in these other farmers shoes, they would sure have to give it a shot.

We gave it a shot. We wrote letters. We called County Commissioners every night to the week & told them NO OLF. We wrote letters & called our Senators.....I'm sure they got sick of hearing from us. I even got hung up on one time when I called Mizz Dole's office about 2 1/2 years ago. The little lady that answered the phone told me she already had my opinion on record & there was no need to continue to call.....But I did. And many others did, also.

Look how far we've gotten.

You aren't pretending. You're just speaking a vision that many of us have prayed for!!!

If there were

some Navy Chiefs at that morning meeting, that would happen, but Officers are not encouraged to buck the system.

However, EVERY Naval Officer worth anything that was at all those meetings should and must do exactly that. That is what our Senators, Govornor, state and local officials have told the Navy to do.

The Navy needs to reevaluate the Siting Study document they created and include any and all sites that would be viable. They also must weigh every site vs the NO OLF option from the original EIS documentation.

Sen. Dole joins those against N.C. landing field Virginia Pilot, 20 apr

Anderson, deputy commander of the Navy's Fleet Forces Command, said Navy planners are working with William G. Ross Jr., North Carolina's secretary of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, to find sites acceptable to the state and Navy.

Think we need to get Mr. Ross's address and bombard him with no site is acceptable anywhere in NC letters. Anyone got his address?

When the process began in 1999, Anderson said, Navy planners looked only at sites with at least 30,000 acres of land and did not consider state-owned property. Those constraints have been removed, Anderson said. The service could buy as few as 13,000 acres, and it wouldn't rule out using or purchasing state property.

As few as 13,000 acres, but as many as 33,000, which is in the 2008 budget for the Washington County site request of the Military Construction budget.

HUMMMM, more proof of reverse engineering, the draft EIS showed a need for 50,000 acres needed, so why only look at sites with 30,000 acres? OOOOO wait, 30,000 acres was needed after all the public hearings from the draft EIS was performed and the Navy changed the flight operation numbers which then made the noise contours only 30,000. Dang the Navy has an awesome crystal ball. To know in 1999 that they would ask for 50,000 acres and then only need to go to 30,000. Wonder why that crystal ball did not show them the opposition they were going to run into??

WOW, they started this process in 1999? Only 4 years after the 1995 BRAC stated Oceana/Fentress could perform the mission without a second OLF. Does this sound totally wrong? you bet your bottom dollar it is. The 1995 BRAC stated that for 6 years, or until 2001, Oceana/Fentress can do the job. This entire process was started before surge or anything the Navy is now stating as the driving force for this OLF. I go back to the FEIS pg 12-1, this OLF is not required for Alternative 6.

Here is more proof of the Navy lying to a BRAC as far back as 1995. They should have told BRAC they where going to want an OLF to support the loadout of planes at Oceana by 1999. I bet they actually did, and 1995 BRAC told them that they do not need a second OLF. Use what you have.

Anderson indicated the Navy is listening. "We've been trying to weigh the pros and cons," Anderson said. "We believe we could win this in the courts. But would we want to do that, with the political fallout?"

Is this the only way to work with the Navy, is thru the courts. What happened to the DOD policy of creating a harmonious team between the local community and the Navy? What is Anderson doing as a representitive of the Navy? We could win this in a court of law???? This makes me sick. Did you notice that he did not actually answer that question? He is going to take this to court.

Virginia's senior senator, John Warner, went a step further, and urged the Navy to reconsider putting the landing field in rural Virginia.

Warner has been a staunch supporter of the Navy's plans for a landing field in Washington County, N.C. But after reading Dole's letter and Winter's response Thursday, Warner made it clear he's pushing for Fort Pickett.

In a letter sent to Winter late Thursday, Warner touted the fort's 20,000 acres, two long runways and restricted airspace. "I have no doubt that the Navy would find a welcoming community should it decide to consider locating the [field] at Fort Pickett, or at an appropriate location elsewhere in Virginia," Warner wrote.

He wants it in Virginia, let him have it there. We do not want it, and the Navy does not need it.

BTW, with Warner on the Armed Services committee and was chairman for most of this OLF fight, he should know of the supposed requirement to place this thing between Oceana and Cherry Point. Is he stating with putting this at Fort Pickett, that this requirement is void? Has it ever been valid?

"Site C is still the best site for the Navy, based on everything that's on the table right now," Anderson said in a phone interview. "What changed today is that leadership - within the government and the Navy - is agreeing to talk about other sites."

I have no clue what to think about this guy. Has he not read anything our elected officals have said?

When you read this article and then see what the Navy is trying to do in North Carolina, nothing they are doing makes sinse.

Dole sent a letter Thursday to Navy Secretary Donald Winter calling Navy plans for a practice landing field in Washington County "simply not feasible." She asked the Navy to focus on other locations "where residents are more receptive to such a facility and its potential for long-term economic development."

I am sorry, but 50 - 60 full and part-time jobs with a yearly budget of $1 million is not a potential long term economic development. This OLF will not have a single aircraft stationed there, no Sailors assigned there, only the 50 - 60 jobs. This is not a master jet base. This facility will only be a runway with a handfull of buildings, a taxi strip, a few refueling pits for noisy hot-refueling operations (that should never happen according to the requirements of performing missions from home on a full tank of fuel), a control tower, two LSO shacks. Where is the potential long-term economic growth in any of that? That just baffles me. I dont see taking 50 sq miles of property out of a county for 50 - 60 full and part-time jobs.

Great analysis,

As always.

if the economic development...

...was concentrated in the hands of a current or potential financial supporter, some of dole's motives make more sense.

if aircraft fly down from virginia and do touch-and-gos they will likely need refueling, which suggests someone is gonna make money selling and delivering jet fuel.

if you knew who the largest fuel dealers in the area are (or the state, for that matter), you might find a dole supporter hoping, and maybe paying, to keep the olf local.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965


"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."

In my head the dream is real.

Except now I take out the endorsed runway part. None of the jets should go to NC. Let Virginia solve their own problems.

In the Navy 2030 report

It shows ZERO jets in NC.

I totally agree w/ Susan. Let VA fix the problem they created.

The saying you see in antique shops comes to mind:

"You break it, you buy it."

The US Navy owes us an apology

for continuing to state they are coming to our region with no regard to the rich history of the people for something they have stated is not required. For performing studies that where incomplete and sloppy and for continuing to perform studies in that sloppy manner. For anderson showing so much contempt for us that he threatened to take us to court to win this fight. anderson, how are you going to win this fight when you cannot show a requirement? Just because you say it, does not mean its reality. anderson continues to show the contempt the Navy has for the people of North Carolina.

Read in the Virginia Pilot this morning

that the Navy needs 13,000 acres and Fort Pickett (42,000 acres) will not work due to all the high explosives etc. they would have to remove. Doesn't it give you cold chills to know that the Navy cannot carve out 13,000 acres (they actually need only 3,000 for landing field)from military land they already own due to the environmental pollutants of which the do not want to contend?
Anderson is the one who should to go to jail. Democratic Republic? Military Dictatorship?


There will not be 50 jobs. At the 2004 Gov's. study panel the Navy finally admitted to 5-7 low paying jobs that will come with the OLF.

Grass cutting
boot licking
back scratching...

Tell me

How do they even sleep?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

They sleep

instead of sheep, they count the number of acres per family they can condemn. No, no, the number of jet landings per day. No, no, the number of people that they can pull a fast one on. No, no..the number of...Oh yeah, they can sleep alright, the commanding officer gives them the subject matter before they turn in at night.

The question is: How do we wake up the citizens of this state to the BIG picture that is before us all?

Make noise.

Lots of noise. Beating drums, banging pots and pans, that sort of thing.

Susan, Dayna, Parmea, et al. I really want to thank you for the education you've provided for me on this issue.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

your welcome

Just ask, and if I know the answer, I will tell you. I will try to tell you with documentation that the Navy has provided. If I cannot show you with Navy documentation, I will also state that. I strive to give the view point of both sides. I have not purposely left something out because it does fit my desires with regard to this OLF.

With the exception of operational flexibility by having 2 (or more) OLF and other runways, nothing the Navy has stated makes since when you read their documents.

OOOO the ambiant noise studies are to the best of my understanding valid also. It is sad it took a judge to make the Navy perform that study. It is sad it took the Navy 9 years to determine what the ambiant noise level was for the 5 sites vice assuming what it was. This stuff should have been determined when the five sites where finalized.....OOOOO wait, the siting study was not finalized until after the DEIS and public hearing period was completed.