John Edwards and African-Americans?

Like many people I am a BIG fan of our former Senator John Edwards, and am supportive of his presidential campaign. But the other day I had a very interesting conversation. I was taking to a former Edwards supporter who supportted John Edwards in his 2004 presidential run, but is NOT supportting him in 2008. Instead he is supportting Barack Obama.

During our discussion he made a claim that I found incredible. He said that "all of the African-American staffers who worked for Edwards in 2004 are NOT with him in 2008." He then proceded to receit a long list of names.

At first I assummed that the defections where do to the fact that Obama is an African-American candidate. However I was then told that all these staffers had made their decisions well before Obama got in the race. In most cases these African-Americans made the decision NOT to continue their support for Edwards almost immediatly after the 2004 election!

Supposedly many of them made the decision to support Mark Warner, and only started thinking about Obama after Warner announced he wasn't running.

I'd like to hear some feedback on this. Does anyone know any African-Americans who where with him in 2004 and are still with him? If not, why not? As a Southern democrat Edwards has done extremly well with African-American voters. He also appears to be very strong on all the issues that are important to the African-American community. Why is it then that African-American staffers abandoned him in droves?


Before you get flamed ...

I know quite a few African-American Edwards defectors, and I can't name anyone I know personally who is still with the campaign ... though I'm sure Edwards still has supporters in the black community.

But yeah, the defections began before Obama was a serious candidate.

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Astroturf At Or Below Cost!

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No, this isn't astroturf

Just look at the name: a TRUE democrat. An astroturfer would give him or herself away with a name like, I don't know, a FAUX democrat. Check your facts, zongo!

I've debunked this before.

There are a long list of minorities in positions of power within the Edwards campaign.

Take your smoke elsewhere, there's no fire here.

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specifics please

I do not doubt that Edwards has minority staffers, but how many are people who have worked with him in past campaigns, and have chosen to stay with him?

Also, when you say positions of power are you talking about ceremonial posts like "Campaign Chair" or can you name people who are close to the Senator and involved in the day to day decisions of the campaign?

BTW, I don't feel comfortable publicly posting peoples names on a public open board, but I have sent you a private message with the names of several African-americans who worked for Edwards in 2004, but are not supporting him in 2008. Perhaps you should contact some of them and ask them their opinion before quickly dismissing this.

There are many

Identify your source, then I'll rebut. If you won't, you're blowing smoke.

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I'd like to see your list, a TRUE democrat, and your debunking, Robert P.

NY Times Article: A Team Community Gains Strength From Its Weakened Coach

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Don't staffers (of all skin colors) leave a campaign if the candidate loses, so they can find work somewhere else? Would these people (of all skin colors) necessarily leave other jobs to go back if the candidate chooses to run again?

I don't doubt that there are staffers with a variety of skin colors who left after 2004 and either chose to keep their jobs obtained after the last election or who have signed on with other campaigns.

If this "true" Democrat is trying to levy some type of accusation, I think she/he needs to come right out with it instead of trying to "plant" the hint of a story.

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