John Edwards, still weak-kneed?

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First off, Bill Donahue is a prick. Secondly, John Edwards is an idiot for giving in to him. This just smacks of the same weak-kneed Democratary we saw during the first six years of the Bush Administration and frankly, I don't want to see any more.

If you are considered a bigot because you criticize the Vatican's stance on abortion, gay marriage, birth control or the pedophile cover-up, count me in. I read the blogger's posts and their comments and thought none of it belittled Jesus Christ, it did however nail the Vatican and their apologists for their inhumane stance on human rights and the rights of children.

Bush clearly didn't hear the voice of the people during the last election and I guess John Edwards didn't either. We are all shit-sick of George W. Bush, the war in Iraq AND wimpy Democrats.

I want them all gone.


It was a typo

What a Bunch of Bullshit

I missed this yesterday. Too bad. I could have gotten my blood pressure up in company. Now I'm all alone...

Stormbear, it's uncivil to accuse people of lying without any evidence to support that. You accuse two great bloggers of lying to you? What research id you do? Did you email them to ask your questions?

Or are you prepared to declare that no matter what John Edwards says, no matter what the bloggers say, that they are lying and you are right?

That's utter and complete bullshit. I'm entirely unimpressed.

So far as Scrutiny Hooligans blogroll goes, you can apologize to the bloggers in question for calling them liars or you can find another blogroll.

You're free to have whatever opinion you want, but not on my blog.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Edwards' lack of support was loud and clear

When he came out saying he essentially agreed with Donahue's criticism, instead of treating it as the non-issue that it really was, Edwards left his bloggers hanging in the wind. I would have quit his campaign too after such a vote of no-confidence.

I keep asking, since when do conservative zealots determine standards for Democratic campaigns? Do we get the media in a tizzy about every homophobe employed by Republican candidates? Why was this even an issue???

I agree with Stormbear.

This is a ridiculous thread

I don't see the big offense, and I don't understand why people are getting all fluffed up about disagreement over whether M & S's statements about not having been under any pressure to leave were 100% true. People say things for reasons, and then bloggers and comments speculate about those reasons. Why is this a lynching offense?

The Edwards campaign bungled this (even if you would argue about at which stage), and acting like they didn't will only make other guests at the party suddenly remember that they left their ovens on. I've been toying for a while with the idea of becoming an Edwards supporter, and the blogger dust-up didn't change that (much). Rationally, I don't care much about the psycho freakouts going on in this thread, but do they go towards the sum total of my impression of Edwards and his supporters? How could they not?


Were Stormbear speculating, that'd be one thing. But I see accusations of lying.

If someone front-paged an accusation that you'd been lying about something very important, Lance, then it would be important for that person to either provide some proof, back down, or receive consequences for bad behavior.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

I think you're

If things got bad for me at work and, for one reason or another, I left, and if I needed to make some public statement about my leaving, I might say something like "I wasn't pressured to leave." I might say that even if, for example, I thought that I might be asked to leave or pushed in that direction if I stayed on. I might say that if I knew that people wanted me to leave but they were too nice to say something. I might say that because it's passably true and that statement fits better into my future plans than something more blunt. For these and a host of other reasons, I might offer something short of 100% disclosure under these circumstances.

And if, after my public statement, people wanted to speculate that my shading of the truth was more wrong than right, I think that most of the reasons above would be pretty good reasons to let it go.


Well put, Lance.