Exile on Jones Street

Some site notes of interest on EJS

Had an interesting month in the new media world and thought I'd share a couple of highlights with you.

First off, I got word from the Indy that as of the end of January for reasons of space and budget, they're dropping the Exile on Jones Street print column. They're not dropping state politics coverage, though, and promised to pick up some pieces from me as well as increase staff coverage.
Now that's a bit of a hit to the wallet and I'm not sure what to do about it. The print column will still run in Greensboro's Yes! Weekly and, sometimes, in Asheville's Mountain Xpress, for the time being. And the EJS site will continue to roll, of course.

The second bit of news takes a little explanation. For a few months now, Mark Binker and I have been trying to catch up to get me credentialed for the upcoming session.

I've never had a set of official credentials before—never thought I needed them. You can learn a lot sitting in the galleries and I don't really have a problem getting interviews or phone calls returned. But since going freelance--syndicated, if you will--I thought it might be a good idea. Binker, a columnist for the Greensboro News and Record, is in charge of the press corps this session. I like his stuff, he's got a good blog called Capital Beat and is one of the other people putting up select audio of debates and hearings.
Last week, we arranged to meet up and do the credential thing. I was on my way to Raleigh on Thursday to do so when Mark caught me on my cell just before I got on to I-40. Several members of the corps, he said, objected to my being granted credentials because I had started posting on BlueNC, which the membership felt was an advocacy site. People who write for the John Locke Foundation's Carolina Journal have been turned down for the same reason.
Mark and I had a philosophical conversation about it and he later followed up in writing as per my request.
I can't say I'm outraged. It won't effect my life a heck of a lot. Nor am I unclear of the press corps' thinking. But this does underline the strange world we're in and the blurriness of the boundaries. The dispute is not with anything I've written--just where it has been posted and the fact that I personally choose to cross-post to BlueNC.
Here's the twist: Around the first of the year, when Anglico and I talked about me becoming a front-pager at BlueNC, the idea was to enhance and expand the reporting being done on the site.
You can't spin sideways these days without hearing of another newspaper editor embracing blogs or some blog-like innovation, but the legitimacy of journalism on blogs is still sketchy in the eyes of traditional media. The idea that blogs can be a reporter's "friend" just hasn't sunk in.
I'd rather keep this debate positive and take the press corps at their word that the issue is the advocacy of BlueNC for Democratic and progressive causes and not a backlash against the sometimes angry moments of the blogosphere.
So, for goodness sake, don't flame Mark and remember to count to ten.



They're a bit scared of us. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but If JLF/CJ has been turned down, then I guess they are being consistent and it's hard to complain about that.

The fact is, you can still do the job and do it as well/better than they can.

I still believe we need to call the press on inconsistencies, but we've been a bit rough of late. I'm more guilty than most. Some of my best material comes from their hard work.

I'm glad to know about this and I am sorry your association with Blue has put a crimp in your plans, but I'm really glad you're here.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

4 the Estate is alive and well in the Parade of the elites?

Ah! So the 4 th estate of North Carolina is a close little Orwellian establishment club after all.

All Bloggers are created equal, except some mainstream media are more equal than other bloggers.

Don't worry kmr! It might be a blessing since you won't have to go though the midnight goat writing religious rites with the boys of the establishment media.


My 2.75 yr old counts in prime numbers.

Next time I see them all sitting around a table at the Legislature Cafeteria I might just introduce myself. If I lobby on you behalf do I have to be registered? Now you really are Exile on Jones Street.

Exile on Lane Street

You really wanna freak someone out?

Teach her why they are prime. That'll totally flip someone's lid when they point out her counting "error".....

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Counting on it

She cracked us all up with this counting story:

Her grandmother asked her:

"If I have one apple and I add another apple, how many apples do I have?"

She replied: "More"

Her grandmother waited a while and asked her again later:

"If I have one apple and I add another apple, how many apples do I have?"

She replied: "Enough"

I love that!

too cute.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Total bullshit

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

I'm sorry, but this is total bullshit.

Every newspaper in North Carolina comes with a heavy dose of pontificating right there in black and white at the back of main news. It's called the frickin' editorial page.

By cross-posting his Ex files here at BlueNC, Kirk is no more agreeing with what gets written here than I am.

Over the years, Kirk Ross's work has consistently been some of the cleanest, sharpest and most balanced coverage of any political reporting in the state. That doesn't change one bit because he happens to be posting his stories here. Banning him from being "credentialed" by the steno pool is an affront that I take very personally.

This is NOT a Democratic party website - it's a website that seeks to understand and promote progressive public policy. I would happily support any decent Republican candidate, if I could find one. Just look at how fairly we covered Mike Munger's wading into the gubernatorial pool.

I say we sue.

Counting to ten didn't help.

Kirk didn't mention there are special rules for you

Anglico's Rule

Anglico must count to 100.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I'm sorry, I just spilled my lunch on Scott Mooneyham. I guess he'll be losing his credentials now.

Good catch, Greg

Maybe the Insider will have to fold if all their "reporters" lose their "credentials." Scott is clearly advocating a political position here. Guess he's going to be out of a job.

OK gents easy on Scott

I think the whole point is nobody knows where the hairs split these days. You look at WPTF and there are people doing real news there, right in between segments of the right-wing echo machine.
If BlueNC makes one inelligible so would posting on Kos, MyDD and elsewhere. But what about someone posting at the The Nation or National Review?

I was using Scott

as an example of how dicey this whole situation is. The "credentialing" process you've described has taken the "medium is the message" to an extreme that even Marshall McLuhan would have had trouble with.

No offense intended to Scott. Simply pointing out what appears to be a daunting double standard.


Been thinking about that as well. How totally retro of us.

Read the other day that bloggers are being

credentialed for the Libby trial. Doesn't that change things?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

I like this idea

Via Poynter:
Take a blogger to lunch

What our newsrooms need is a mindset that values the Web for what it is, an extention of our human desire for community. The Web is a tool to talk to one anther.

We need to develop a culture in our newsrooms that lets us become part of the conversation that is
already taking place; not as a dominant voice but as one of many. By giving up our position on high we may gain an even higher level of respect in the communities we live in.


Splitting Hairs

From 2003

Carolina Journal Radio Hits Airwaves

Guests on the program have included journalists such as Rob Christensen from The News & Observer of Raleigh and Paul O’Connor from the Winston-Salem Journal, political analysts from across the political spectrum (the Common Sense Foundation and the N.C. Justice and Community Development Center on the Left and the Institute for Justice and Locke Foundation on the Right), and experts from industry, government, universities, think tanks, and public-interest groups such as Common Cause and the N.C. Press Association.
“Carolina Journal Radio” is a co-production of the John Locke Foundation and Carolina Broadcasting Systems Inc., the same company that produces the statewide television discussion program “N.C. Spin.” Tom Campbell, host of “N.C. Spin,” is the executive producer of “Carolina Journal Radio,” which is produced by Rudy Partin.

Kerra Bolton appears on NCSpin. Jack Betts has a blog. Where do you draw the line?

NC Spin

Does Campbell have press credentials?


Is the press corps in charge of press credentials?

Im not upset at the guy in charge this session, no reason to attack the messenger.

But, why isnt there someone apolitical such as a clerk in charge of this?


"Keep the Faith"

Not sure

Probably tradition or some long ago adopted administrative rule.

In the Senate rule book I have, Rule 69 says the President Pro Tempore is authorized to assign area and equipment on the floor for the use of representatives of the news media and provide regulations for the operation of the representatives on the floor.

(No, I'm not calling Basnight.)

Stay uncredentialed Kirk

No bureaucracy likes an independent newspaperman.
- I. F. Stone

I cribbed this and rewrote it thusly - No bureaucracy likes an independent blogger.


This is incredible. I will pass on everything that others have expounded on thus far and focus on the fact that they penalize people for taking a stand? Murrow must be smiling. And of course, in Kirk's case the punishment is even more senseless because he gets punished for being associated with people who take a stand.

State Legislatures

Here's a timely post from the National Conference of State Legislatures of which Joe Hackney is a vice president.

Bloggers Get Press Credentials
Tennessee is the first.

And this article/ interview:
Bloggers Press for Power

Whether bloggers qualify for press credentials is getting a lot of attention in state capitols.