LTEs Needed to Counter Robin Hayes Lie

Now is the time for all lurkers to get involved. Robin Hayes has a new attack ad out that is completely false. He is saying that Larry was fined by the FEC for running attack ads.

I will post a list of media contacts below. Please help as much as you can. I am out of town. I don't care if you've written or been published in the last few days. Hit every paper multiple times. This is a lie and should be exposed. Quantity of letters received matters.

Points to make? Larry Kissell hasn't issued any negative mailers. Larry Kissell hasn't broadcast any negative ads on television or radio and Larry Kissell hasn't been fined for running negative ads. Robin Hayes is the only candidate in the 8th District running negative ads.

Here is a contact list for the 8th District. Some are online and some are snail mail contacts only.

Montgomery Herald

Online Contact can be found here.

Weekly paper (Wednesday publish date) that is delivered to Larry's hometown of Biscoe. This is the base, so let's help get them fired up. If you know anyone who lives here, please see if they will write a letter too. Most small towns don't want to hear from those of us living in Charlotte and Chapel Hill.

Richmond County Daily Journal

Please go here. Hover your mouse over "services" and and drop down list will have "send letters to the editor" in it. Go there for online form.

This is the paper that referred to Hayes as Judas Iscariot.

The Courier-Tribune (Asheboro)

You can go here to write your opinion/LTE on this online form. This is out of market, but they have covered the race, so might have some of the market.

Fayetteville Observer

The online form as well as snail mail addy can be found here.

This is an important market that includes a military-friendly audience. I don't know how the troop withdrawal is playing in this market. I'm sure it incites some to anger even though many veterans believe it's the right thing to do.

The Stanly News and Press

Snail mail address is:
Joel Barrett
Managing Editor

The Stanly News & Press
237 W. North Street
Albemarle, N.C., 28001

Very conservative area. About 70% voted for Bush. They traditionally support Hayes. The editor is a Kissell fan, but I'm sure the publisher is not.

Charlotte Observer

The Observer Forum
The Charlotte Observer
P.O. Box 30308
Charlotte, NC 28230-0308
Fax: (704) 358-5022

E-mails must include your name, address and phone number.

Their tips:
We welcome letters. Please sign (unless you are using e-mail or computer fax) and include your address and daytime telephone number. We edit for brevity, grammar, clarity and accuracy, and we reject letters published elsewhere. Letters typically address a single idea and do not exceed 150 words. We cannot return or acknowledge letters not used. Published letters will appear in paper and electronic format.

The Laurinburg Exchange

Scotland Co. area. The paper is online, however it requires a paid subscription. Here is the snail mail address.

The Laurinburg Exchange
P.O. Box 459
Laurinburg, NC 28353-0459

Phone: 910.276.2311
Fax: 910.276.3815

The Weekly Post

212 E. Main Street
Locust, NC 28097

Weekly that comes out on Wednesdays. Covers Stanly and Cabarrus. Probably most conservative area of the district.

Salisbury Post

Online submission form can be found here.

They've run some really very good articles about Larry.

The Anson Record

Click on this link and then hover over the "services" tab and click on the Letters to the editor entry. Easy online submission.

The News & Observer (Raleigh - out of market)

Online submission form can be found here.

Winston-Salem Journal

Submit your letter by clicking here.

Submission Guidelines are:
• no more than 200 words; may be edited for clarity, length
• one letter per month per individual
• not accepted: open letters; sent to more than one address; poetry, anonymous
• must include daytime phone and complete mailing address (only name and city are published)

Kannapolis Citizen (Weekly)

Please go here to submit your letters.

The Independent Tribune (Concord/Kannapolis)

Go here to submit your opinion letters.

The News-Journal (Hoke County)

Please submit your opinion letters here.

The Enquirer Journal (Union County)

Please go here to submit your letter to the editor.

Please, if you are aware of any other publications that need our love and attention let me know and I will add them. There is one in Concord that I know isn't included, but their online site is down right now.


Please help.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

We're counting on the 700 daily lurkers to help!

Please. It's crunch time and one of the few things we can each do is write letters. Even if you're not in the district, you can write anyway. Here's the angle I'm trying:

Dear Editor:

I doubt people in your district care what out-of-towners have to say, but I'm writing anyway because the behavior of your Congressman is embarrassing our entire state. Robin Hayes is accusing Larry Kissell of putting out negative mailers and running negative ads. When the fact is, the only politician in this district "going negative" is Robin Hayes himself.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, you shouldn't stand by and watch Robin Hayes lie to keep his seat of power. We saw him lie about his CAFTA vote, which helped put North Carolina on a long road to misery.

Robin Hayes isn't good for North Carolina or the 8th District. Please vote for Larry Kissell.

This the one you missed?

Concord Standard and Mt. Pleasant Times
Snail mail address is:
Concord Standard & Mount Pleasant Times
24 Cabarrus Avenue E, Suite 100
Concord, NC 28025

Click here for the online contact form.

It's a small weekly paper for parts of Concord and eastern Cabarrus County. Hit Robin Hayes at home, too!

Lies, damn lies and Robin Hayes

As Zelle Miller of ga. told Chris Mathews. I wish we still had duals as I could call out Hayes and settle his dishonor on a field of honor.


It's not that hard. Send yours now.


The Richmond County Daily Journal says they're not publishing letters about candidates.

RANT Links

These are the links to Daily Kos and to MyDD posts by RANT


I have seen the negative ad on WRAL that Robin Hayes is running against Larry Kissell and it is patently false.

Larry Kissell is running a positive campaign and has not run negative ads as claimed by Hayes. Furthermore, the media did not criticize Kissell, it merely reported Hayes' criticisms which were not substantiated by any evidence.

Larry Kissell has not been fined by the FEC for running negative ads. He paid a $210 late fee for a report filing, not unusual for a first time candidate.

Please stop airing this false ad.

Also Hayes punted his own recent FEC problems with this lame response:

Yeah, right, whatever.

SD. Are you back?

Did you survive your Republican Saturday? You should get combat pay for that.

I'm surrounded by wingnuts

and this has been so hard. I've held my tongue though and just listened to them talk among themselves. They are preparing for a bloodbath.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Robin Hayes is an illegal immigrant

has as much truth as his ridiculous ad about Larry.

It is incomprehensible that the "Honorable" Rep Hayes could run his campaign in such a manner! Complete lies? Putting copyrighted logos on his commercials without the permission of the organization who owns that logo (cough) aarp (cough)?

Hayes comes from one of the wealthiest, most prominent families in the state of NC. He's been a Congressman for 8 years...and he can't do any better than telling lies about a HS Civics teacher and Church Deacon to win his election? His family should be ashamed of what he has become.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies