Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is SOP for the GOP: Take credit for stuff that is good, even if they actively worked against it. It's a never-ending spin-cycle that will make you dizzy just watching.

This bill is a big, hot mess of unsafe requirements:

SECTION 1.(b) It is the policy of this State to promote the interests and well‑being of its residents and to protect their civil liberties, including the right for residents to decide for themselves whether or not to receive an experimental drug. Coronavirus vaccines are considered experimental until the United States Food and Drug Administration formally approves them. Therefore, it is the intent of the General Assembly that residents of this State who choose not to take any of the coronavirus vaccines enjoy the same rights as residents who choose to take any such vaccines. To that end, the General Assembly promotes the following coronavirus vaccine bill of rights:

(1) No person shall be mandated, coerced, forced, or pressured to take any of the coronavirus vaccines.

(2) All persons reserve the right, at all times, to determine what is in their own best medical interest without threat to their livelihood, education, or freedom of movement.

(3) Employers of health care providers licensed in this State to administer any of the coronavirus vaccines are prohibited from requesting their health care providers to promote any of the coronavirus vaccines to patients.

(4) Health care providers who administer any of the coronavirus vaccines shall attest to the following with respect to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database:

a. That they are aware of the VAERS database.

b. That they have a professional obligation to check the VAERS database regularly.

c. That they have a professional obligation to share information about the VAERS database with each person to whom they administer any of the coronavirus vaccines.

(5) All persons are entitled to have access to unbiased, independent information about the coronavirus vaccines to assist them in determining what is in their own best medical interest, including information about the risk of death associated with choosing not to take any of the coronavirus vaccines and contracting the virus naturally, based upon factors such as age and underlying health conditions. In order to be deemed unbiased and independent, this information must include information from sources other than pharmaceutical companies and government or quasi‑governmental entities that have a conflict of interest in promoting the coronavirus vaccines.

(6) No person shall be required to provide proof of having received any of the coronavirus vaccines as a condition of doing any of the following:

a. Entering any public buildings, public lands, or public spaces owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the State.

b. Participating in any public events.

c. Accessing any public transportation.

d. Attending any public school or educational institution.

e. Obtaining or maintaining employment with any public or private employer.

Government has a conflict of interest in promoting the vaccine? What kind of conspiracy theorist nonsense is this? Remember the name Mark Pless, because it looks like he's trying to give Pittman and Kidwell a run for their money on stupidist lawmaker of the year.

Of course there's no way to verify that "people tell me" bullshit, which is why they use it. As Chairman of our Board of Adjustment (yeah, they threw that on me too), if I allowed a witness to spout stuff like that during a quasi-judicial hearing, I could (and should) be removed. It's worse than hearsay, because there's no way to prove he actually heard it. *sigh*

Veto. No matter how many D's make the mistake of voting for it.

Keeping you out of the Senate is at the top of my list.

Granted, in this gerrymandering nightmare of a state, 5% doesn't seem that big a deal. But it's actually a huge gap.

The truth is, since the very beginning of vaccinations in NC, rural counties received more doses than they could get into arms. Dr. Cohen was actually criticized for pushing equitable distribution, when more populous counties started running out before their next batches arrived. The single biggest "outreach" challenge we face is the Republican Party, thanks to their stubborn opposition to taking COVID seriously, and their prostration to Donald Trump. And until the NC GOP gets onboard with promoting vaccine efforts, this hesitancy will continue. But they're too damn invested in making Roy Cooper look bad, so don't hold your breath.

She is so out-of-touch, not only with her constituents, but with reality itself.

Just one of many reasons why there will never be another Republican Mayor of Charlotte. Of course Pat McCrory is the primary reason, because damn. He's dumber than the box that holds the rocks...

Maybe it's because reporters (and everybody else) know it's not some evil government plot?

It seems almost nostalgic to have Tim Peck stinking up Twitter again. By nostalgic I mean nauseating...

Keep saying it, Liz. And smack Kevin on the back of the head until he says it too.

On that hopeful note, here's your Onion:

Okay, now you're just gaslighting me...



For those who need to see it...

Conservative UNC student publication got hacked and (mostly) wiped about a week ago.