Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's a great idea, but of course Republicans won't legalize marijuana. It makes too much sense.

McCarthy is literally spineless. They took it out so he could wiggle deeper into Trump's severely backed-up alimentary...Okay, that's too disgusting for me to finish without triggering a gag reflex. Let's hear from McCarthy's girlfriend:

I am not opposed to telehealth in general, but blood pressure screenings during an in-person visit have saved countless lives, and so have blood tests initiated by docs and nurses during or shortly after a physical exam. There's a role for telehealth in this process, such as a follow-up to monitor the effects of treatment. But it's not like working from home vs. an office. Not even close.

After 8 terms in office, your "track record" still resembles that of a first-termer. But you have found time to attack LGBTQ folks, women, immigrants, and whoever else doesn't fit your Christofascist worldview. And you also tried to overturn a Presidential election, and staunchly defended Trump after he incited an insurrection that put the entire Congress at risk. You are the very poster child for gerrymandering reform, frankly, and your District should be deeply embarrassed.

Bent Woodcock! Hahahahaha...(deep breath)...hahahaha. As you can see, I'm easily entertained...

A lot more than I needed to know, bear.

It's not really that notable. Dude got his butt kicked, and gave up his House seat, in an effort to get elected to the Senate. It will be six years before either of those seats is up for grabs, and if he tried to get back in the House next year and failed (which he probably would), he would disappear into the void of political obscurity. You gotta know when to fold 'em. Dammit, now that song is stuck in my head...

Some of you already know the following, but Jonathan Jones is not only a former assistant district attorney and a top-notch journalism professor, he's also been the driving force behind the NC Open Government Coalition (the Sunshine Center) for several years now. So when he says this process is "convoluted," you can take that to the bank.

That's why it's more important than ever to pass a non-partisan redistricting commission. But BergerMoore won't allow it to get a floor vote.

Yeah, that was the second thing that crossed my mind when I saw this story. That and the fact they'll have to widen I-40 again to accommodate 3,000 more commuters.

Okay, that's more than enough D candidates. It's already looking like it will be decided by a plurality (and not a majority), but if we keep adding good candidates, that plurality might end up below 30%. Then we'll be talking runoff, when the focus should be on beating the eventual R candidate.

Honestly, I don't blame Roy for not acknowledging Robinson. Every time he hears his own name he takes that as a cue to start running his mouth, so ignoring him is the least embarrassing option.

Mark your calendars, I am in agreement with Pete Kaliner. I'm also kind of wondering why Nick Oschner thought it appropriate to go after somebody who is no longer in government? Not trying to stifle the press here, but that seems like trying to give a red meat treat to Republicans. Let's see if he has equal zest when it comes to Whatley...

On that curious note, here's your Onion:

That just reminded me! I get my second dose today! Yay...I guess...



I'm just hoping...

that early polling will knock out some of the Dem Senate candidates before they spend a lot of money and feel like they have to keep going just because of how much they've sunk into the race. I would like to imagine that the party will push a pretty fast process of separating the electoral wheat from the chaff, which is very much what we need to have happen no matter which one of them comes out on top. The one thing we very much do not need is a run-off, repeating the disaster of the 2010 Cunningham-Marshall fiasco and hampering the nominee going into the general election.

Late addition...