Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is at least partially accurate, but it needs a dash of Madison Cawthorn to round out the flavor.

Yeah, the ignorance and hypocrisy are breathtaking. When everybody is struggling (or think they are struggling), charity dries up pretty quickly. We're seeing it now with our food banks, but it's always been that way. And churches have always used that charity as a lever to push their beliefs. The government is the only one who *can* meet those needs on a continuous basis, but you'll never get a Libertarian to admit that.

It wasn't just Trump that benefited; Republicans across the board were helped by the Lumbee voters' swing to the right. Hopefully they will come to their senses soon.

Yeah that's just what we need, a supercharged charter school movement. *sigh*

Hurricane Florence put 20,000 NC residents in shelters, and many of them were able to return home after moderate damage repair. Coronavirus is threatening 300,000 NC residents to be put out of their homes. It's raining like hell, and your nonsense is making it worse.

Cawthorn is nothing but a windbag, and a stolen valor windbag at that.

It will backfire on her. Black voters don't play that.

Don't be a f**king idiot. Human trials didn't even start until a few months ago, quit trying to find a "gotcha" story where it doesn't exist.

I hope they do try to block this. It will show the restaurant folks just how little Republicans care about them.

Let's see what kind of nonsense that poor child is being exposed to:

If you overthrow Capitalism you won't be able to "Tax the Rich," you bunch of dingbats. Logic is not one of your stronger traits, is it?

On that facepalming note, here's your Onion:

Thank god NORAD knows how to track him...



In response to Frank Hill and his "opinion"...

it should be noted that strong majorities of Americans agree with AOC on this point. In poll after poll after poll, somewhere between 59% and 70% of voters agreed that the rich should pay significantly more in taxes. But, as usual, the plutocratic Republican party and it's toadies like Hill just don't have any understanding of either the public or of history. They conveniently forget that the most prosperous time in American history, the time that made the modern middle class that they are so fond of giving lip-service (and little else) to, was in the 1950s and 1960s when they top marginal tax rates were in the 91%-70% range and corporate taxes were in the 52%-48% range. Yet somehow that didn't usher in an age of rampant socialism (the Great Society notwithstanding.) Instead, it was the foundation of much of the business and economic dominance of the United States around the world. But heaven forbid that we follow the tax policies of a radical like Dwight Eisenhower in this modern Republican party. Only subservience to Laffer's napkin will do these days, lest the radicals manage to make any of the rich pay a cent more than they want to.

I took a look at Hill's "editorial"...

and it's even more full of nonsense than I'd assumed. He's dragging out every single old trope about taxing the rich that you could think of. My favorite is the stress he puts on the idea that the top 1% pays 40% of all taxes. That sure sounds like a lot, until you realize that they're also taking in 40 times the income of the bottom 90% (who are paying 55% of all taxes.) Then it becomes obvious that this is a classic cherry-picked statistic that makes it look like they're paying their fair share when the truth is the exact opposite.

He's been a hack for decades

Including fighting for big tobacco to avoid their settlement, which of course didn't work. All these guys know how to do is attack poor people and push for tax cuts.