Tuesday Twitter roundup

These constant attacks on the Governor (and his family) are beyond tiresome. Where were those hypocrites when Dan Forest and Donald Trump went around the state holding maskless superspreader events? Ignoring real danger while creating fictitious events to complain about is one (big) reason why the virus is raging across our state. Ignorance is lethal.

Tell you what, John. When you start taking your own advice, maybe we'll get somewhere:

With Cooper’s re-election being the major exception to the rule, the Democrats’ effort essentially failed. Their carefully crafted, widely disseminated messages flopped. North Carolinians don’t want to repeal the past 10 years of GOP-driven reforms. They don’t want higher taxes, heavier regulations, and fewer choices in education and other public services. While they remain greatly concerned about COVID-19, they don’t accept anemic job creation and lengthy recession as the price they must pay to combat the virus.

And they don’t want their downtowns trashed by rioters and looters who disguise their destructive ends with the garb of “social justice.” By misfiring on these and other issues, Democrats threw away their shot.

First of all, your taxes/regulations/vouchers conclusion is straight up, ergo propter hoc nonsense. It's not based on any polling or other data, it's pure supposition and navel-gazing. Secondly, a super majority of NC citizens did/do support Governor Cooper's pandemic restrictions, your own polling backed that up.

But lastly, it's your reductive and downright ugly description of BLM activists that takes the rhetorical cake. As if their main goal is rioting and looting, and trying to protect black lives is a beard, a deception to mask true intent. Calling that "shameful" is a gross understatement, but shameful it is.

And now we need to shift some of that "surplus" Republicans keep bragging about, to snip the wires on that rent time bomb that continues to tick, growing larger every month.

Unfortunately, one of the few Republicans that backed a non-partisan redistricting effort (Chuck McGrady) has left the building. It's lawyer time, once again.

He won, you lost, STFU.

Lol at the GOP puppets trying to justify fake "official" ballot collection boxes installed by the California GOP. Blame it on Democrats, of course...

Insanity is the new sanity. But with more FREEDUMB.

God help me for having to explain this: In your zest to attack "leftists," you've apparently forgotten the Conservative pseudo-Libertarian ideological stand against government incentives. You know, about interfering with the Free Market, picking winners & losers, misusing taxpayer dollars and such? Get with the program, Pete.

Yeah, he kinda is. Unfortunately, our media people are too interested in whatabouting Cheri Beasley for protecting Democratic votes to pay much attention. But we'll see if they come around.

How about some cameras in those back rooms? The House/Senate GOP Caucus fascist rituals? No? Didn't think so.

Once again a Libertarian falls by the wayside in trying to carve a "niche" for himself during the pandemic. Using taxpayer dollars to pay somebody to do something (wear a mask) would normally make a Libertarian tear out what hair he has left, but Corey has dug in his heels defending the idea. He's trying to couch it in terms of violence vs. non-violence:

But many (most?) of the people who refuse to wear masks by now do so out of a belief the virus doesn't exist, or is harmless, or out of sheer stubbornness. Giving them money to comply won't change their beliefs, and without that "coercive" authority to monitor them, most will still refuse to mask up. In other words, it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars, which a true Libertarian would reject out of hand.

On that head-scratching note, here's your Onion:

When I stop laughing I'll explain how wrong that is...