We have another language problem

In case it's not obvious to anyone reading this, the phrase "defund the police" is ten kinds of stupid and needs to be banned from everywhere. It's not even accurate and it implies actions that will alienate people who don't or won't bother to think it through.

Alternative language is critically important, so let's hear some possibilities. Please, please, please, jump in with ideas before this train gets too far out of the station. Here's a short list of top-of-mind possibilities.

Change policing, change America
Put "community" back in policing
Better policing
Fix policing
Transform law enforcement
Transform America through Community Policing
Change Law Enforcement in America Now CLEAN



I’d seen it

And didn’t find it useful.

The language still misrepresents what it actually intends to mean. Even in her letter this morning, Heather Cox Richardson had to spend a paragraph explaining that defund idoesn’t mean defund.

I’m letting this go, having been told by many that an old white guy shouldn’t be weighing in on this kerfuffle.