Day 19

Today my partner Jane and I had the "mask" conversation, as in, "Should we be wearing them if we have to go out?"

My wondering got triggered by an extensive scientific study that showed cloth masks to be of uncertain value. That is, researchers at the University of Minnesota couldn't say that cloth masks actually help reduce infections. They even had some evidence that wearing ineffective masks gives the wearer a false sense of security and discourages social distancing.

But more discussion with lay people suggests that masks can't hurt, so why not wear one? One person said it demonstrates that you're taking things seriously, and keeping you from touching your face. Plus, it gives your partner a project that will keep her busy for awhile.

I'm starting to lean in favor.

Jane and I are retirees, doing a pretty good job staying home. We picked up bird feeding supplies this morning, the first time out in a week. Sunflower seeds delivered straight into our trunk with a "no-touch" exchange.

We're also playing pickleball on a court I made on our patio. We do "skinny singles," which uses a court cut in half longways. Works pretty well.

I don't know how I'd be coping if I were still supposed to be working. I think I'd be mad with anxiety, plus supremely depressed. I feel so bad for so many people whose lives have been unnecessarily upended by the Trump Pandemic. I just hope Americans will clearly see the light about the Orangeman, Thom Tillis, Dan Forest, and the rest of the Republican Crime Family. It's a hot mess; they're literally killing people.

I hope you're doing okay. If you have a moment, drop a note about how you're doing out there.



I wore mine today,

and it appeared that about 10% of the shoppers wore theirs. But mine was the fanciest...

A convincing study from Yale

Says masks are clearly worth while.

A report from a Costco shopper says mask wearers don’t adhere to distancing guidelines.

Go figure.

no mask

They give masks to sick people in the doc's office so they don't spread their colds/flu....not the other way around. Science hasn't changed. The mask is like religion.....if it makes you feel better. On the moral question of it, I'll wear one when all the medical folks have enough supplies...2 cents and all it's worth