Tuesday Twitter roundup

Don't forget to vote if you haven't already, folks:

And be nice to the poll workers and reporters...

It's not fear of religion, it's fear of the consequences when our leaders place so much faith in it. Huge difference.

Don't waste your breath on Mark Johnson. He wouldn't know a good policy move if it crawled into his lap and gave him a big, wet kiss.

A closer look:

Jeff Tittel, senior chapter director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, has watched DuPont's moves with concern. "They are setting up other companies to take the fall on liabilities that won't have enough money, so even if people win lawsuits, they will get nothing or very little," he said.

PFAS are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Safe Drinking Water Act and their side effects are still being understood by scientists and the public. In February, the EPA put out a proposal to regulate two of the most common PFAS chemicals found in drinking water and is asking for comment on how to monitor them.

On Wednesday, the EPA disclosed it "has multiple criminal investigations underway concerning PFAS-related pollution." The agency did not identify the entities being investigated and it could not be determined if DuPont is one of them.

Thus the creation of the company known as Chemours...

Because if people knew where all the coal ash got sent, they would know where to test for groundwater contamination. And all the lies and misdirection about coal ash would be much harder to sell to regulators, the general public, and even their stockholders.

I don't remember that, because it was a right-wing construct, not actual history. Nice try, Holly.

Does that even need to be said? I mean, come on...

That's a lot of idiots, right there. And a lot of Chinese-manufactured MAGA hats. Somebody should dress up in CDC full-coverage regalia, and announce over a bullhorn, "Please check your hats for country of origin. If it's China, please line up over to your left and wait for the buses."

If you haven't voted yet, you may want to wait until 7:29 p.m. and then jump in line. But this is probably what you need:

It's been a long, painful Primary...

When "He didn't have a gun when he gave his speech" is considered a legitimate complaint, you might have completely lost your mind.

Symbolic of the entire Trump Presidency. Selfish, wasteful, and left for somebody else to clean up. On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

Taking away his damn IPhone would be a great start...