Lawless king

Dear Senator Tillis,

You probably agree that
our US Constitution is about as good as it gets.
America's inspired framers engaged in serious debate
and achieved a masterful balance,
a country ready for anything.
Except a lawless king.
That's where we are.

Like you, I was raised to revere the Constitution.
Also like you, I've taken an oath to defend it
against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Whether you think we're facing a constitutional crisis or not,
there's no question these are serious times.
The things we say and the choices we make
will reverberate for generations.

So with all due respect,
what this hell is this?

Is that your priority in the midst of growing conflict?
And more to the point, how would you feel if a child of yours
grew up to be like Eric Trump?

The big fear facing our state today
is that you would feel just fine.

Your pal,