Tuesday Twitter roundup

Chapter 12 in the one-upmanship of Dan Forest:

In another post Justin is wondering just how Forest got a hold of 100,000 teacher e-mail addresses, but that's an easy one to answer: Mark Johnson.

Definitely related:

Oh, hey! Maybe the Innovative School District should take over this one, huh? Anyone? Bueller?

Unfortunately, NC's Republicans simply don't care about saving lives and improving health outcomes. They can't even support their own draconian version of this, because Obama.

What a Tool. He's actually a multi-tool, with two different faces, depending on who he's talking to at the time. Uggh...

And here's a big reason why they oppose this school:

The charter application and the management organization’s past history suggest that Oak Grove Charter Academy would disproportionately draw engaged, affluent, and/or non-minority families from Glenn Elementary, Neal Middle, and The School for Creative Studies magnet school, thereby increasing segregation and the concentration of poverty. The applicant board, along with its management partner National Heritage Academies, makes few promises to market specifically to historically marginalized, underserved, or minority communities. Indeed, the application’s projected enrollment (Question 16, page 8) blithely assumes that Oak Grove Charter Academy’s enrollment will roughly mirror DPS’s district-wide racial and ethnic demographic makeup.

However, the marketing plan description in the application (page 76, 3.6.1) completely sidesteps the requirement to “provide a plan indicating how the school will market to potential students and parents in order to reasonably reflect the racial/ethnic and demographic composition of the district in which the charter school will be located” [emphasis added].The experience of Wake Forest Charter Academy, another National Heritage Academies school which the applicants explicitly cite as a model, is instructive. Following the opening of Wake Forest Charter Academy in 2014, the demographic balance of nearby Wake Forest Elementary school changed immediately. According to data from WCPSS, the percentage of African-American students at Wake Forest Elementary jumped by more than four percentage points from 21.4 percent in 2013 to 25.8 percent in 2014 and continued to rise to 32.8 percent in 2018, illustrating a pattern of white flight facilitated by this National Heritage Academies school.

The private school/charter people don't consider that a flaw, it's a feature. Once again, Democratic candidates need to be duly warned (they shouldn't need it, but apparently some do) to avoid verbally supporting the charter movement itself, regardless of how fantastically great a particular school they like is. There are always exceptions, but the overall effect is what counts.

Ooh, all the cameras. All the cameras giving Tillis free exposure, I might add. I will be watching to see what kind of context is provided, and then maybe comparing that with ad buys supporting this demagogue.

Now tell me again how government regulation is a bad thing? This started out as a re-zoning request, by a group whose sole intent was to destroy another business entity. Raleigh was right to deny that, both morally and legally. And Raleigh just had another election, where this re-zoning fight was not on anybody's radar. For the court to force the change is a prime example of what right-wingers complain about (legislating from the bench), but you won't hear a peep from them on this one. Sheer hypocrisy.

Or they will call for an investigation of the investigators who investigated the other investigators. Or something along those lines...

That pretty much sums it up...

Meadows is an exceptionally disgusting individual, who crapped on the carpet in Congress almost daily before he began sniffing Trump's butt. And after covering up and then golden parachuting a serial sexual harasser on his staff, he shouldn't get a single female vote. Don't just take that seat from him, burn the damn thing.

On that angry note, here's your Onion:

"Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal..."