Hat-tip to the Boss



Springsteen stand

As a resident of NC, Springsteen loyalist, and father I have been energized in the last 16 hrs. The recent decision by Bruce Springsteen to cancel his show in Greensboro to protest the HB2 law has made some things very clear for me.

First. This new law offends me to my core as lawmakers, especially my local representative and bill co-sponsor Michael Speciale, have deceitfully packaged this as a protection against persecution of your "deeply held religious beliefs". The details of the law reflect a willingness to protect discrimination in areas that include legal action, housing, employment, and yes, bathroom use. HB2 is an egregious affront to the Civil Rights of minorities, which The Bill of Rights was designed to protect.

Second. The fact that corporations and businesses have been outspoken in their denunciation of this law by boycotting the state as a location for conducting business, speaks volumes about the narrow-minded view of lawmakers like Rep. Speciale. Their actions have cost this state severely in public opinion, tax revenue and residual income that small business depend upon.
Frankly Rep. Speciale-and fellow supporters-, if the number of transgender, bisexual, special needs, Muslim, bikers, purple hair people and anyone else that offends your "deeply held religious beliefs" numbered in excess of 10%, what you have done is harm the majority to protect us from the minority. Hard to see the rationale in protecting our Freedom in that logic.

Finally. I had intended to make the attendance of Bruce's concert a family celebration. As my daughters will tell you, under oath, their upbringing has been largely influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen. His music has been a staple of car rides, road trips, backyard BBQs, and celebrations. My intention was to expose my youngest daughters to a Bruce concert for the first time, with the hopes that they would come away with the same "revival" feeling I first experienced 40 yrs, 8 months and 8 days ago after witnessing the "Messiah of Rock 'n Roll" in Norfolk, Va.The fact that my youngest daughter's birthday is today and that tomorrow's concert was to be a reunion and baptism at the same time was doubly exciting to all of us. Bruce has helped us to see a more poignant purpose that is needed at this time. In a way, he has delivered a birthday present to my youngest that I couldn't be more thankful for. "Stand up for what's right" is his gift to her and a reminder of the message of "Passion of Purpose" he delivered to me in 1975.

Thanks, Bruce. Fan the Flame of Freedom !!