Where not to go on vacation

Which just goes to show, the term "fucking idiot" isn't always an overreaction.


Let me get this straight

  1. He operates an inn on leased federal property (that is, public property...that is, our property).
  2. That's actually a pretty sweet deal if you can get it.
  3. The government warned him that if there was a shutdown, he would have to close.
  4. The government shut down public properties after Boehner's tantrum.
  5. This same thing happened to this same person in the previous government shutdown many years ago.
  6. His employees struggle to make ends meet. So do hundreds of thousands of federal employees.
  7. These employees, like several hundred thousands of federal employees, are suffering because of Boehner's tantrum. Like hard-working federal employees, they got caught in a totally unfair situation.
  8. The only reasonable conclusion, as Glenn Shithead Beck articulates, is that the government is "taking it out on the people".

Ergo, Boehner's tantrum is Obama's fault, and the inn's owner is either Machiavelli or a useful idiot.

Either way, Beck is a blazing asshole.

P.S. This is neither here nor there, and it's subject to valid criticism, but is Glenn going for worst-dressed person on the planet? And why does he make his guests sit in the world's ugliest chair? I'm just sayin'

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

It makes no sense

The dude operates a concession on Federal land making money off tourists who travel on a Federally-constructed scenic roadway. And if you've ever driven it you'll notice there aren't many of these businesses allowed. Which means he has a near-monopoly. And (as you said) the responsibility for the government shutdown, including the closing of his inn, lies squarely on the shoulders of House Republicans.

And all of his employees that have come into hard times were put there by Republicans fucking around with deregulating Wall Street, and those same Republicans are cutting all the programs that might help them get through the recession.

But it's all Obama's fault. You just can't fix stupid.