Democratic National Convention: First Night is Rocking

The Time Warner Cable arena is rocking. With the dismal record of the Charlotte Bobcats, this arena has never heard so much cheering. Many of the speakers have brought the crowd to its feet and they weren't just being polite.

The speakers have kept their messages short and the stage managers are moving them on and off the podium at a pace that is keeping delegates on their toes. The pace and messages may be scripted, but this convention feels more spontaneous than the convention held in Denver in 2008.

So far tonight I've not seen posters passed around at all. Some may come out for the First Lady, but so far I haven't seen any. ...Aaand, as soon as I wrote that the signs come out. Still, I think there were more signs on the first night in Denver.

Governor Bev Perdue entered the stage to a beautiful backdrop of North Carolina fall foliage projected off the background screens. She appeared more relaxed than I've seen her in the past. She was obviously trying to stay on pace because at one point she quieted the spontaneous applause to continue her speech.

She spoke about the work President Obama has been doing to make sure the middle class doesn't fall even further behind.

This election is a choice. We can go back to the same old failed economic plans that brought about the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We can go back to economic plans that are only designed to benefit the wealthiest among us, like Mitt Romney. Or, we can keep moving forward with President Obama's vision for a growing economy that works for middle class families in North Carolina and all across the country. For me, for North Caroliona and for America, it's an easy choice.


Join with me. We will win in North Carolina. we will return Barack Obama to the White House , and we will keep America moving forward.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx also spoke to delegates tonight. He talked about the spirit of Charlotteans who have worked to bring about positive change for all its citizens.

Nearly half a century ago, when cities throughout the South struggled to desegregate schools, Charlotteans came together. Around kitchen tables, black and white families met and decided together to break down the barriers that had so long divided their children. And because they did, they gave a generation of kids a chance to go to school together, to learn together, and to recognize that no wall is too high or too strong to be broken down, if we do it together.


I was one of those children. I learned what it truly meant to be judged by the content of one's character. I was born to a single mom and raised by her and my grandparents. They taught me to take pride in hard work, to take responsibility for my actions, and to understand that education could expand my mind and transform my life. From West Charlotte High School to Davidson College, where I was the first black student body president; from NYU Law School to practicing law in the public and private sectors; from the Charlotte City Council to becoming Charlotte's first Democratic mayor in 22 years to this stage tonight, I live by the values my family and what this community taught me.

We have more speakers lined up for tonight. One by one, they've walked to the podium and each time the crowd has become a little more fired up. The anticipation is building for Michelle Obama's arrival and this arena will likely burst from the enthusiasm.

Hard to believe Democrats are this fired up and it is only night one of the convention. If this enthusiasm spills out of the arena and the delegates take it back home to their communities, Barack Obama will have four more years.



Was hoping you'd be attending and would cover the activities. Jane will be arriving on Thursday for her annual sighting!

woo hoo!

I will look for Jane.

I have more to write up, but having issues with wifi. Att and TWC have it available at the Convention Center and Arena, but initial connections can be tricky. The page requiring acceptance of their terms don't always load. Once that is taken care of, connection is a breeze.

In comparison there was little to no internet unless you were professional media or there was a hard wire available. The lack of time for writing is the same. I'm still driving back and forth and that is really a time drain. I'm staying in Charlotte tonight, so hopefully I can finish posting everything before the convention is a distant memory.

Gordon and I finally met up at the arena last night and I'm meeting him for an event in about an hour. The DNCC has outdone themselves with the amount of unassigned media workspace for bloggers and small media outlets. I've been very impressed. They obviously took a lot away from Denver and made changes for this convention.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.