Why David Parker Must Go...

This is circulating around and I am not the author..Any responses that can dispute this?

Why David Parker Must Go

The Democratic State Executive Committee must render a decision today that will have profound consequences for viability of the Democratic Party for not only this election, but years to come. David Parker must go as Party Chair.

Since the revelations of a sexual harassment allegations drove former Executive Director Jay Parmley from his position, Parker and his supporters have taken every opportunity claim that Parker "did nothing wrong" amid mounting calls for David to resign.

In fact, Parker did almost nothing right.

1. Parker negotiated a settlement of Adriadn Ortega's sexual harassment claims of without approval of the Executive Council.

Members of the EC report that in the weeks before David's action became public, they received emails containing “rumors” suggestive of the disclosures to come. Gov. Perdue learned of the same rumors in late November or early December and had Parker informed of their circulation. Parker failed to call a meeting of the EC or inform the EC collectively.

Parker began negotiations, concluded a settlement and paid Ortega from Party accounts without a vote of the Executive Council. Section 4.05 of the Plan of Organization (“PPO”) authorizes the EC to enter into such agreements, not the Chair. The EC is the governing body of the Party between meetings of the State Executive Committee.

1. Parmley contends that he did nothing wrong.

2. In his now infamous press conference, Parker contends his investigation confirmed that Parmley did nothing wrong.

3. David went further and stated that the settlement of the Ortega's claim was against his judgment.

The only conclusion left is that the Party's attorney was the only individual who believed the matter should be settled and Parker simply acquiesced to his judgment.

If Parker had called a meeting of the EC as he was required to do by Section 4.05 of the PPO, the governing board of the Party may have concluded not to settle Ortega's claim. Or, the EC may have sought other resolutions of the matter that did not expose our Party to the public ridicule now being heaped upon it.

Our Party is left with having settled a claim of sexual harassment because "our lawyer made us do it."

The implications are astounding. One can take whatever position as to the legalities of the situation, but Parker, an officer of the Party, bound the Party to a settlement that portrays the Party in a horrible light to the public during one of the most important political elections in this State’s history. Certainly no reasoned mind would contend that any one official of the Party has that power without approval of the appropriate governing body.

If the EC had been properly advised, assuredly State, District and local Party officials who were universally caught uninformed would have been given some lead time in which to prepare, much less rank and file Democrats who first read about this matter in newspapers across the State before their county conventions.

2. Parker improperly authorized the payment of settlement funds from a Party account without authorization.

Absent specific budget authorization, Parker has no independent authority to expend funds according to the Section 4.06 of the PPO.

3. The world is coming to watch NC, Parker cannot be the issue.

In a few short weeks the Democratic National Convention is coming to North Carolina for the first time in history. The world will be looking through the prism of countless news sources at our State.

David Parker simply cannot be at the convention. If he is, he will be the news story that ensnares the President. It has already come close to happening. When President Obama came to Chapel Hill recently to talk about the issue of student loans, he started getting questions about Parker's handling of the sexual harassment allegations. If Parker is still Chair when the Convention convenes, he will be forced to answer those questions.

If Parker remains Chair and stays away from the Convention, that becomes the story.

North Carolina Democrats cannot allow the President to walk into this situation.

A Democratic convention official confirms that David Parker's position on host committee has already been temporarily suspended. They are waiting for the State Executive Committee to make the end that has to come to this torrid disaster.

4. Former Jim Hunt protégé Gary Pearce wrote early in the scandal:

Memo to Parker: You can’t cover up sexual harassment. Democrats deserve to know what the hell happened – and how much money it’s costing.

And don’t blame your political enemies. That's what Nixon would do.

Sage advice that Parker ignored. When it suited him, he hid behind a non-disclosure agreement. When it suited his purposes, he ignored the settlement non-disclosure and provided details to the public about the settlement.



Really? Why go anonymous on this?

I don't understand how anyone can put something like this out there without signing his or her name or stating who wrote it.

Oh, for Lord's sake!

The SEC meeting is over and done with. It's not doing the Democratic Party or our candidates any good to keep dragging this out. The anonymous letter Anonymously posted is nothing new. All those questions have been asked and answered -- maybe just not to the satisfaction of some people who like beating a dead horse.

4.05 of the PPO doesn't address this situation. Be that as it may, how many people are on the Executive Council? 30, 35? Who in their right mind thinks that many people should have been consulted about a settlement in a legal action of the type Parker was dealing with?

This episode in our history is not the end of the Party or of the world, as evidenced by the sun coming up on Sunday morning just like it did on Saturday. It's time to move on.


Oh correctamundo! Yes, their are about 41 people on the total State Executive Council and it is possible. Fact is, as has been standard practice the Entire State Executive Council participates in a statewide conference call EVERY Sunday at 7 or 8pm. The Elected members of the EC hold a weekly conference call during those times also. Perfect opportunity to discuss what had occured.

First of all it is N-a-n-c-y

and I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to use my true name when I post. The G stand for Gulledge.

Next, I'm not a lawyer, and I doubt that you are either, but I don't believe there would ever be a time, perfect or otherwise, to discuss confidential personnel matters.

And I'm finished with this subject.


Well Nancy, If nothing happened as Chairman Parker alledged in his news conference ( in which details were broadcast via live tv), then why couldnt he speak about it then? Didnt seem to be CONFIDENTIAL PERSONNEL MATTERS then did it? Still waiting for you to take to task the letter?

Sadly for you ....

The Plan of Organization does not supercede state employment law. Parker might have been able to inform the Exec Council that there was a need for a settlement, but as Ortega was Parmley's employee and not the employee of the EC, Parker couldn't have given any details because of employee privacy laws.

Based on 4.10 of the Plan of Organization, only the Executive Director - in this case Parmley - answers to the EC. Other employees are employed by the Executive Director. Therefore, all non-public information in their employee files is protected.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Anonymous, mean, vindictive and ignorant

Bout says it all. Come on out in the daylight and stand behind your blather. If the NCDP is worried about Obama being seen with Parker, forget it - except numbxxxs like you will keep dragging this through the mud. Gonna throw charges or attempt to build uncertainty, throw off your mask caped crusader. Get over it. It is done. Move on. Unless your bipolar will not allow that. Your ability to move on is obviously stunted, crippled and inoperative. Folks are not listening to your tripe anymore - that why no comments, except ones which reject your hate and anger.



Dispute it please?

As the first line noted, I am not the author. It was floating around, therefore, posted. Instead of crying when someone is challenging you, try disputing the facts. Bill loves to get his name in the paper!

This wasn't just floating around

This was posted in a specific Facebook group.

I have refuted your first point above. I would like for you to explain why you think David Parker should have acted outside state employment law just to make the EC happy? Are you saying you think he should have violated an employee's privacy on top of everything else that happened?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Betsy, While I certainly see your point,the authors letter seems to answer that question. David Parker violated that anyway when he convened his now infamous news conference with the sordid details of who said and did what, when, where, and how. The Non Disclosure agreement took a flying leap out of the proverbial window at that point. I am not not advocating that David Parker should have violated any employees privacy rights. What I am implying is, that the EC could have been briefed (within parameters) that a problem existed and it was being addressed at the time. No ones privacy is discarded by simply doing that. He also could have notified them that a financial settlement had also been reached or suggested. I dont think that would violate anyones rights. The problem is, Chairman Parker never bothered to disclose even that much to the EC.

Concerning the point made about anyones identity is simply this. Far too many Democrats it seems would love to have that "gotcha" moment and unfortunately try to have the upper hand in going after your reputation, your job, or any position you hold within the Party. May have been born during the day, Was not born yesterday though!

During Parker's press conference

...he didn't disclose information, he addressed/refuted information that someone else disclosed. He did so under the advice of an attorney.

Could he have handled things better? I'm sure he could have. Could Sally Leslie have handled things better? I'm sure she could have. Could Adriadn Ortega have handled things better? I'm sure he could have. Could Jay Parmley have handled things better? I'm sure he could have.

I'm equally sure that every person still angry over this could be handling things better.

As far as your last paragraph....you are going after an officer in the Democratic Party under the cloak of anonymity. If you can't put your name to this, then I think your words and opinion are meaningless.

I put my name to my words. I am nobody within the party...just another vote, another opinion. The only reason my words carry any weight at all (and they don't carry that much) is because I sign my name to them. I will not attack another person for any reason while hiding behind anonymity.

If you want to be taken seriously, put your name to your accusations. It doesn't matter that someone else wrote it. You've passed it along and you've defended it. Until then, it is just more garbage from the heap.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Guess you missed the News conference then!

I watched the entire thing from beginning to end

The staffer who went to the press is responsible for the information getting out, not David Parker.

I don't agree with everything David Parker has done, but I agree less with people who hold others to higher standards than those with which they conduct their own lives.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

hate and anger

Not sure what you have been indulging in, but I didnt spot one hate or anger comment in that letter? Feeling okay these days?

Maybe they want to share their views

Without the threat of having their employer called. In Wake County, a long time activist's job was put at risk because she simply sent out an email to a few CEC members endorsing a candidatefor 1st VC of the county board. The other candidate contacted the activist's employer not once but MULTIPLE times. Granted, the work email should not have been used but it was certainly not worth putting someone's job at risk.


My point exactly!

David Parker

At this point the problem isn't David Parker. The problem is those of us who can't get past last Saturday's SEC vote. The MAJORITY voted to reject his resignation. We need to suck it up and move ahead toward November. The more we stir it the more it will stink. Geeze.

I lived in the Triangle for 23 years, and I loved it there and still do. I get homesick every time I go to Raleigh. BUT members of the SEC need to remember that everybody doesn't live in the Triangle. If you have information that we need to know, you need to make sure we receive that information, because the MAJORITY doesn't live in the Triangle.


Where the heck is our "like" button?

Excellent comment

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

David Parker

Lovex7, Unfortunately, the problem is David Parker. With David remaining as Chair, the Republicans are going to do nothing but hammer us to death with it. The problem at this point is not whether anything occured or not at Goodwin House. That is probably something the rest of us will never know. The Republicans at this point could care less about that. What they do care about is the division in the Party this is causing. David Parker may be a good man,however, he handled it poorly. You certainly have a valid point that people outside the Triangle may not be aware of all of the facts or events that even occur at Goodwin House. Most of those people are intimately aware of the goings on at that big house on Hillsborough Street. Those defenders in the remainder of the State arent seeing the forest for the trees. Better yet, the smoke and mirrors they are being fed. Those other Defenders in the Triangle SEC have been promised something by David Parker and they are now waiting for payment.Rest assured that wood pile is not orderly. I am sure those in the Triangle as you claim that are keeping this alive know better than others what transpires in Raleigh. It seems you can say they have the hometown advantage. Thats what his defenders in other parts of the state do not like. Unfortunately, from Manteo, to Burlington, to Murphy you are being fed what they want you to hear. As long as David pulls his coup and remains Chair, we will be hammered to death statewide over it and elsewhere. Regardless of how much you want it to go away, its not!

Not all of the Triangle SEC members defended Parker

Most of his defenders in the Triangle came from Raleigh. As a matter of fact, the Orange County delegation was not only eager to accept Parker's resignation but we were told beforehand by 4th District Rep. David Price that it would be an orderly transition with Parker graciously exiting and a new chair being elected. Price was to preside over the election. Of course, that is not what happened. A friend of mine from the Executive Council told me as we went into the hall: "There's nothing we can do. Parker got the votes." So I was surprised at David Price's words and I started hoping again that this could be resolved cleanly after all. Of course, David Price had been played royally by Parker as well, and Price was fuming. Parker made some powerful enemies that day and did great damage to the NC Democratic Party. We Democrats who do the heavy lifting in our counties are the ones who have to deal with the fallout now.

Resistance is Fertile


Besides, I am still waiting for a reply to dispute the validity of this letter that is floating around. All I am seeing are rocks and stones! Waiting patiently!

Don't have a dog in this fight...

....but "waiting for a reply to dispute the validity of this letter" sounds a lot like "have you stopped beating your wife"....


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

If Parker is not allowed

If Parker is not allowed inside the National convention by the DNC, what will happen to his delegate spot?

You may or may not have something to say

worth listening to. OTOH if you're going to come on strong, maybe you need to identify yourself. Most around here, even if using screen names, are known by the rest of us. Your choice...but I don't waste my time on anonymous posters.

Stan Bozarth

You may or may not

What is the point who I am? The point is sir, can you dispute the letter? Seems everyone wants to dance, but not have an answer!

I'm not much into the Parker controversy.

So, I'm not "dancing." The NC Democratic Party has been a disappointment to me for a long time. Instead of looking for and supporting better candidates, the party has been content to accept folks like McIntyre (my representative) and avert their eyes later when he votes in ways that are clearly opposed to what the party should be standing for. I suspect those chickens are going to come to roost in November when the Republican candidate wins here because there's no enthusiasm for McIntyre...and because the NC Dem Party does little to publicize why voting for a Republican is, for most middle class and poor folks, like poking themselves in the eye with a sharp stick.

As to who you are...I really don't care... any more than I care about Parker. I just think if people are gonna criticize others, they ought to have the courage to step out from behind their keyboard.

Stan Bozarth

Parker allowed a person on

Parker allowed a person on NCDP staff to run as a delegate at the 13th District convention today. NCDP staff will already have their pick of tickets to the convention, and I cannot understand why Parker would allow a staff person to take one of the limited slots as a delegate. That seems a bit unfair


Probably the same reason I disagree with a NCDP Staff person serving on the SEC. Seems to be a conflict of interest in voting for your bosses and the chosen one happens to lose.

NCDP Staffer elected as Delegate

Don't blame Parker for that one. The Plan of Organization doesn't address it, and unless you can find a prohibition on it in the DNC rules, then the blame for that goes much deeper into history.
Frankly, we should not have allowed a 2nd Vice Chair to be hired as Political Director either, but here again there is NO written policy against it.

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson applied for a NCDP job and was selected for a position. Once he accepted the post, he resigned his NCDP position as 2nd VC. Seems on the up and up to me or did I miss something?


Simply put, I dont need to come out from behind the keyboard since I am not the author of this letter anyway. I am merely asking for someone to dispute its validity. If I were the author of this, I indeed would not hestitate to identify myself. Therefore, who I am is Moot!

Off topic, but -

I find it a little confusing to have anonymous posting. It stinks of dirty sock puppets to me.

Also, I agree with Stan, if you're going to post something on a site like this, you should be willing to put your name - or "a name" on it.

What's in a name .. would a rose (or an Anon E. Mouse)

... smell as sweet? Not on this thread.

I would suggest Spoon as a name for Anonymously, as he/she obviously likes to keep things stirred up.

Either that or Gutless.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

how about Mickey Mouse?

I think Mickey would be more approriate.


All of us but Anonymously need to quit posting. Anonymously doesn't care to reveal who he/she is, but he/she has made it clear that he/she knows everything about everything and still won't reveal who he/she is. If I were that smart I would want to tell the world.

BTW I do happen to know something about what happened and I was at the SEC meeting. I would never be arrogant enough to proclaim that I know everything. Oh, that's right. You didn't write it, but you still know everything. I'm over this subject. We moved on yesterday with district conventions...I hope. Oh, and I am sure David Price wants David Parker gone.


I am genuinely concerned about the posting of second-hand

material without the source, credit, or author's name. It's sloppy, and it violates all kinds of ethics. Kind of funny for someone who is apparently concerned about violation of, you know, ethics.