Obama's campaign manager says he won't lift a finger against Amendment One

Jim Messina, best known for (attempts at) knee-capping LGBT progress at the federal level for more than just the past 4 years, told The Charlotte Observer:

Emphasis mine.

On whether some Obama campaign volunteers might get involved in North Carolina's May 8 primary -- say, to help defeat a proposed constitutional amendment reaffirming the state's ban on same-sex marriage: "What volunteers decide to do on their own is, you know – everyone can get involved in whatever activities they want. We are not, as a campaign, going to do much besides work very hard to build a great grassroots campaign for November."

Are we, as voters who demand candidates at the state level oppose Amendment One, going to accept this from Obama?

You know I'm not.

Obama and campaign, get off your ass and publicly oppose Amendment One. Now.

Hell, Republicans like US Rep. Renee Ellmers and Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins are publicly opposing the amendment, yet you still sit on your hands.

No opposition to Amendment One = No Vote


No opposition to Amendment One = No Vote?

Saying "If President Obama doesn't publically oppose Amendment One, we should not vote for him is like being in a concentration camp in 1944 Germany and saying "If the allies don't publically say that Hitler is a creep, then we shouldn't give their pilots directions to Normandy!" Yea, that'll learn 'em but good! The GOP is hell bent on harming gay people in everyway they can. If John Mccain had beaten President Obama, Don't Ask, Don't Tell would still be the law of the land. The GOP is fond of saying "This is the most important election of our lifetime!" and in many ways it certainly is, but none more important than to the gay community. These people don't just dislike you...they hate you. They want to change the constitution to discriminate against you. So you can hold back your vote this November and hope beyond all hope that President Santorum, President Romney or President Gingrich will be a more understanding shoulder to cry on.

DADT was repealed despite the Obama administration

... not because of it.

Obama -- and more specifically Messina -- fought against DADT repeal until they had their asses handed to them in Nov 2010.

I know who hates me. I know who tries to triangulate against me. I know who thinks they can take me for granted.

And I know how to turn their cynical strategies against them.

Other so-called progressives would do well to learn the same lesson.

Didn't Obama propose a cut in the already historically low corporate tax rate today?

By the way, it was a George W. Bush judicial appointee that struck down DOMA today.

It's clear which strategy one should follow if you really want progressive policy change.

If you just want to elect people with D's after their name, knock yourself out. That's not what I'm about.


Blind Ambition

By all means then...Sit on your hands or worse, vote for a Republican president and see how much he stands up for LGBT rights. It will be a generation before you find someone in the Whitehouse that isn't bowing to the people that want to put gays back in the closet. John McCain has railed against the demise of DODT even after it died and Santorum and Gingrich have said they will reinstate it. Vote GOP and see how that works out for you.

Amendment One is *Our* Fight

I have been writing against Amendment One from Day One. Just this morning I +1'd an article in The Atlantic that talked about the Ninth Circuit finding that DOMA was unconstitutional, and I added my (negative) comments about Ammendment One there (see https://plus.google.com/u/0/111296213117771808385/posts/THpkKe1MCDb?hl=en). I want to see equality in NC!

But I also think that dragging Obama into this NC issue is the wrong way around. Amendment One is before the people of North Carolina, and it is *our* job to get our progressive butts in gear, get out the vote, and defeat it soundly. If there's anything we should be doing with Obama, it's helping him to get progressive judges on *our* circuit court so that if we fail to defeat it at the polls, the courts can kill it, as they have just done in California.

Amendment One is everyone's fight

Thank you for your work, but letting ANYONE of the hook is the "wrong way around."

As you can see, I began the year here trying to direct attention to the federal judiciary.

There are no current open "NC" seats on the Fourth Circuit, though I would certainly argue that as the largest state in the circuit, NC should be the first in line for a 4th seat.

In any case, it wasn't a Democratic-nominated judge that struck down Prop 8 or DOMA in California. Those were (gasp!) GOP-nominated judges.

It is Obama's job to get his ass in gear to both nominate someone to the open federal judicial seat in the Eastern District of NC and to speak out against Amendment One.


I agree, this is everyone's fight

I'm the admin for a 3000+ person LGBT for Obama facebook group. To my knowledge its the largest gays for Obama facebook group there is.

I support President Obama, but I'm starting to question whether I can do that on the grounds of being a part of the LGBT community.

He said he's evolving, and so I still hold out hope that he'll make some progress before early voting starts in 2 months on the amendment. I doubt the campaign would care about a 3000 person group on facebook disappearing, or changing names to support a list of all the pro-equality candidates like Republican Karger, Libertarian Johnson, and probably Green party and some other candidates too, but it's the only leverage I've got.

Still not sure what I'm going to do with it, or if I'm going to keep it going, but if he'd come out against amendment 1, maybe lend his voice to something that could be used in robo calls or tv or radio ads, or something, even if the campaign isn't going to get involved, I'd just like some sign before April 19 even if its not supporting marriage equality.