Greensboro's Republican Mayor leads city council in 8-1 vote against Amendment One

On Tuesday night, Greensboro's City Council voted 8-1 to pass a resolution opposing Amendment One on May's ballot. Parts of the live blog from Yes! Weekly are here.

It includes statements from the Republican mayor of Greensboro on why he opposes Amendment One:

"30 years ago I’m not sure I could have taken a vote like this because I’m not sure I would have understood …

When you add it all up, we are all in this together and we will all get this together. Corporations making decisions every day about where to locate look at communities where people are able to work together."

And citizens who will be impacted by Amendment One:

Isabell Moore tells council she fell in love with a woman that she has been together with for 10 years. Her partner works as a nurse.

"If passed this amendment this amendment could be interpreted to mean that I lose my health insurance, which I have through my partner."

Republican Mayor of Greensboro opposes Amendment One.

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We need to get more cities

We need to get more cities in on this. Way to go Greensboro!