Bad news

Read it and weep. One of the great newspaper organizations in the world, Knight-Ridder, announced today it will become irrelevant. Goodbye Charlotte Observer. Welcome more corporate media.

Sadly, we already know exactly what will unfold in Charlotte, because it already happened in Raleigh. Old timers fondly remember the days when the Raleigh News and Observer was an intelligent, aggressive newspaper in the truest sense of watchdog journalism. Then they got bought by McClatchy. You could hear almost hear the creaking of compromise and mediocrity as the paper lowered its sights and its standards in favor of delivering a few more pennies to the bottom line.

But now it's even worse. Now both major papers in North Carolina will be owned by the same useless company, delivering coupons and crappy coverage to fewer and fewer doorsteps in Triangle and Charlotte-Mecklenburg neighborhoods. I'm sure they'll quickly defend their move as one designed to keep their business healthy, so they can share news between organizations and achieve economies of scale and fire lots of people.

I guess this is what we mean by freedom of the press these days. Freedom to do stupid things.

Thank god for the internets.



The Charlotte Observer was already pretty crappy. Most of their reporters leaned way to the right and they didn't even carry big stories from their own national reporters. It is sad to see Knight Ridder go, but the Charlotte Observer done went. (hehe...sorry..just had to.)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


You ain't seen crappy, dear, until you've lived in the Triangle, where the Durham Herald and the Raleigh N/O almost make one embarrassed to be a reader. Chapel Hill's better, with two local papers competing in a small fishbowl, though one is owned by the Durham paper and the other by McClatchy.

I bet you still subscribe to the Observer, though, don't you? I kept the N/O until earlier this year when they endorsed ScAlito for the Supremes. That was the last, last straw for me.

Pay them for the crap they write? it free online. We even stopped buying the Sunday paper because we never used the coupons. Still, it's sad because with the Knight Ridder ownership I at least felt there was some potential.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

All right!

I love voting with my pocketbook! You rock, SD!