Weekend wound up: The Republican War on Women


War on Women AND Families

The video is a compelling statement, a clear depiction of one front in the Republican War on Women and Families.

There are other fronts as well. The war on women and families often takes the form of assaults on education, after school care, equal pay, health care, contraception, choice, workplace safety, gays and lesbians, and single parents.

Some are predicting that the 2012 election will be defined by a growing backlash by women on all fronts. I share that view and I stand with women and families against Republicans in Raleigh and in Washington D.C.

Is it because they're women or because they're progressives?

That 's all I want to know. Is it about Republican vs Democrat, progressive vs regressive, or is it really a war on women? Because it is truly disturbing to think that in this world today there could actually be a conspiracy afoot to deprive women of their representation in government.

Hard to say

This particular video is about shutting out women Democrats.

But if you look at the larger picture, the war on women is much more insidious ... involving restrictions on contraception, abortion rights, equal pay, after school care, family services, and the like. To my way of seeing things, Republicans want to create a playing field that keeps women in their place ... which is under the thumb of men.

It is both, but maybe more about being strong women

The guys in charge at the NCGA now (including the Speaker who had all his Republican men wear red ties and the Republican women wear red dresses or skirts on their swearing in day) are afraid of strong women. They don't despise all women, just the smart and outspoken ones. Like the Democrats they decided to double-bunk in the elections next year.

I spoke with several of the women legislators off the record about this. They agree with this assessment for the most part. The GOP women will not agree. They say no one was targeted. That is a puzzle for me.

Martha Brock

SHould Newt become the standard bearer for the

republicans, the war will definately be on. That SOB has made both a professional and personal career out of disrespecting and humiliating women.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?