Explosion of lies and hypocrisy at bigots' amendment press conference

With the state still recovering from Irene, a string of severe storms last night, and massive unemployment, these two NC GOP leaders decide it would be a great time to hold a press conference on ... gay marriage.

Say what? Yes, two GOP leaders of the NC House really thought it was necessary to talk about gay marriage today.

I barely know where to start correcting the mass of lies spoken by Representatives Dale Folwell and Paul Stam at the noon press conference today at the General Assembly. Rep. Folwell rattled off names of states where there had been no marriage amendment as if they had passed in amendments 2008. He was wrong.

Rep. Stam said that legal constructs would not be under assault under the Senate version of the amendment which defies experiences of STRAIGHT AND GAY people in Ohio (challenges to domestic violence laws), Michigan (challenges to benefits laws), and Florida (a variety of challenges).

These two men plainly lied to a bank of reporters and cameras. It was disgusting.

Rep. Stam brought out the incest/polygamy/pedophile nonsense more than once. He had to backtrack when someone asked him if people choose to be gay. Still didn't get a direct answer on that one.

Rep. Folwell kept pushing the idea that this decision (marriage) needs to be left to the people -- but only in Nov 2012 -- not May 2012 or Nov 2011 or some other time. Wonder why that is? Oh yeah, Rep. Hilton told us.

Folwell and Stam even mentioned an amendment that is currently scheduled for May 2012 (the State Board of Education amendment) but didn't say why it could be decided in May 2012, but the marraige one had to be in Nov 2012.


I'm sure others will write about the full on lies at the press conference, but I just had to share a few.


Just how irrelevant is the gay marriage debate in NC?

To prove how irrelevant a state constituitional amendment is consider these three facts:

1) There has never been a gay marriage or civil union bill filed in the history of the state of North Carolina.

2) The NC Supreme Court is expressly and recently anti-gay. See the Boseman v. Jarrell decision handed down last year. It was a 5-2 decision. Even one of the 2 dissents was simply on technical grounds.

3) If the US Supreme Court allows gay marriage on federal grounds, it won't make a bit of difference what's in our state constitution.

Why do people want to put the state through this? Stop the madness!


Folwell, Stam

This was part of the scene in the press room today. Folwell speaking with Stam behind.


White old rich men. What a sick bunch of (expletives deleted).

Alex Miller

Alex Miller of Equality NC speaking to reporters after the press conference while three Republican staffers listen in.

Binker fact checks Folwell's lies

So many lies flying around. Binker tries his hand at shifting through the bigots' shitstorm of lies.

Memo to pro-amendment folks: You might what to check your math on Indiana too.

Also, West Virginia doesn't have an amendment. Some may not consider it the south, but just FYI.


"but only in Nov 2012"

Yeah, I think they've motivations very clear that this is trying to skew the election turnout.

We've got to get a big turn out to this rally, and be following up with our legislators, and reaching out to the public as well.


On Tuesday, September 13, at noon, Equality NC will join a coalition of pro-equality organizations, as well as supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights from across the state, to convene outside of the state capitol for a rally urging legislators to oppose North Carolina’s proposed anti-LGBT constitutional amendment.

Rep. Folwell's hypocrisy: Update 7239

Some reports are quoting Rep. Dale Folwell as merely trying to "push power away from Raleigh" on this matter.

Folwell said at the news conference in the Legislative Building. "People in favor of this will live or die by how the people of North Carolina feel about it. ... Power needs to be pushed away from this building and back to the people.

It's strange to think this is the same man that took power from local governments and citizen commissions and moved that power to the Legislative Building in Raleigh.

I'd ask the people of Buncombe, Guilford, Lenior and Mecklenburg counties if they think Rep. Folwell "pushed power away from" the legislative building when his leadership team rammed through the local elections bill on the last day of session.