Democracy NC is hiring

Democracy North Carolina seeks a Communications Specialist with a commitment to social justice and exceptional skills. This person is our webmaster, coordinates on-line/social media communications and advocacy, helps plan and implement strategies for media relations and all external communications, and coordinates production of various print and on-line materials.

Among other qualifications, we are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience with traditional media relations, marketing, public affairs/ relations, campaign communications and/or other communications professions
  • Knows NC politics and has experience with social justice issues
  • Has excellent speaking and writing skills, experience with web development, CSS templates, CMS, social media and on-line organizing and advocacy tools
  • Is highly self-motivated, able to prioritize and meet deadlines, able to work in a team and thrive in a hard-working organization dedicated to social change.

For full job description, please visit our website:


This is a great organization

with excellent people and a righteous cause.

I'll second that!

The focus on empowering citizens, fostering civic participation, advocating for accountable government, along with the notion of one person, one vote, which contains in its foundation a very deep commitment to democracy and equality for all, makes this an organization that is easy to get passionate about working for.