"Organizing for America Ramps Up" must read

This Tom Schaller article has an interview with the OFA people explaining the relationship between OFA and DNC and other interesting topics. Explains the importance of the many many voters who voted for the first time in 2006 and 2008, 70% went for the President. So we want them to participate in this election too.

Read it. http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2010/06/organizing-for-america-ramps-up-for.html

and then after you read it, go to OFA site and pick your event for this weekend. ALL HANDS ON DECK.


We did not fret and sweat so hard to elect the President, to now leave him all alone in DC.

We may not be able to get rid of Fox News but we can get out our voters.

This year we will get a state legislature that will be in charge of drawing new lines for Congressional seats. Which Party would you like to be in control of the State House? It is not often that we are choosing not only a US Senator but also the party to draw the new lines after the ten year census.


So very, very important!

Glad to see this, TurnNCBlue! It's SO important to get those 2008 voters back to the polls in 2010, not just so we can keep moving in the right direction, but also for our state and country in general. My worry is that the instant-news environment has made people expect instant results, and when they are faced with the slow grind of real-world politics, they lose hope and don't understand that change takes times in the halls of D.C. and Raleigh. But if voters who want change walk away from the polls now, that change is going to be halted.

Here at Democracy NC, we will be working hard on a nonpartisan basis to get those '08 voters back to the polls and are urging anyone who registered new voters or conducted GOTV in '08 to return to those same people and places for '10. We'll have materials available and advice if anyone needs it. In the meantime, if you know of a church or other group that must remain nonpartisan, steer them our way and we'll let them know what they can and cannot do and provide them with appropriate materials.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Person to person, getting out the vote, organizing

Organizing takes person to person work.

North Carolina went for Barack Obama only because of a huge amount of person to person work. It was not the TV Ads, it was not just just BlueNC.

And it was political organizing.

We are better off because of that work.

One of the more brilliant changes made by our President: organizing for America. Putting into place a vehicle for all of us to stay active and involved.

Politics is not a once every four years go to the polls then sit back.

Politics is the art of showing up over and over. In fifty states, on each street, for every race.

This is for the rest of our lives, as another one of my favorite Party leaders once told me. We lost a few elections, but we keep on fighting.