State fails to properly regulate ABC system (again)

Apparently liquor and ethics don't mix:

Lawmakers on Wednesday stripped out some of the toughest measures from a package of new laws governing the state's liquor store system.

The committee cut a requirement that members of local ABC boards must follow the state ethics law, even though a primary task assigned to the group was to craft a bill establishing consistent ethical standards across the state.


What a mess

Sen. Dan Blue, a Wake County Democrat, said the state ethics law provision would put local ABC boards on different footing from other local boards and commissions that are subject to local ethics policies.

"It doesn't make sense to have mixed messages and mixed standards," Blue said.

Sorry, Senator Blue, but that logic defies, um, logic. The whole ABC system is a scam from the get-go, and this committee is simply underscoring the absurdity of its governance model.

It's clear to me that Democratic "leadership" in North Carolina is bordering on ethical bankruptcy. Governor Perdue had better get her shit together, like yesterday, and clean this freakin' mess up.

I had originally opposed

the idea of privatizing liquor sales, but if the government doesn't want to take the necessary steps to combat corruption, for fear it will somehow dampen revenues, then government has proven they don't deserve the public's trust on this issue.

I have been in favor of privatization all along

I don't mind government services, but government services that sell destructive products to citizens (alcohol, lottery tickets) are wrong at every level.

Privatize sales, establish clear regulations, levy high taxes, impose heavy penalties for violations. This is one thing Libertarians got right.


I'm told that privatization will "never happen" which reassures me because I think liquor ought to be regulated, and I doubt that a profit driven liquor store can do much good for my community.

Clearly, the perception of corruption in the ABC boards is a discredit to our state. But we're a lot better enabled to correct the ills caused by public mismanagement than we are the ills caused by private greed.

I've lived all over

I have lived in states where there are private stores that sell beer, liquor, and wine in one type of store but no alcohol at grocery stores. I have lived where grocery stores have beer, wine, and liquor. Of course, I have lived in NC.

Clearly, alcohol, including liquor, is regulated in each one of these states. I'm sure they all have special taxes on alcohol. I don't know about "good" for the community, but they don't seem to do any more "bad" than state-run stores.

My main problem with NC control and distribution of alcohol is the arbitrary rules they put on sales. The ONLY reason you cannot buy beer and wine before noon and liquor not at all on Sunday is because the STATE has chosen to enforce people's religious morals on the entire citizenry. If, for some reason, we need to take a break every week, then put the blackout on Mondays. Of course, the Sunday rules are not related to any particular need for resting the distribution system. They are there because of the church.

And no, I don't want to hear the same old tired retort of "well if you can't get around to buying your bourbon/beer/whatever the other six days a week, then you must have a problem." If it is a state sanctioned product with the same legal sales hours six days a week, it should be the same for Sunday too.