Fascism, of course

forcing citizens to buy the unregulated products of private companies that have been granted monopolies

Firedoglake reminds us of the textbook definition of fascism.

It's been so distressing to see so-called progressives in NC support the idea of passing the Senate bill.

Shame on those who support propping up Blue Cross to give Obama a "win" on the backs of what remains of the middle class.

What would a progressive say? Kill the Senate bill!


The key word here..

User, I believe that the key word is "unregulated". The bill is, in many ways, about regulation. If this bill was just about mandating everyone have health insurance that is purchased from private health insurance companies with no changes in current policies and/or restrictions and/or meaningful changes in regulations, then I would agree with you wholeheartedly.

Would I want to see some things different? EVERYONE on the planet would, for sure. There are fixes coming and this can be a beginning, I think. Maybe I am just naive.

I do not see it the way you do and I believe most that are anxious for meaningful health care/insurance reform feel as I do.

I have been back and forth on my feelings on this, but now, I support its passage.


Agreed with Fox, the private insurers, under the Obamacare bill, will be even more regulated. No more pre-existing conditions BS is a great start - that single stipulation alone is a huge win! The current bill is far from ideal but after searching through private insurance plans from the likes of United, Aetna, etc on ehealthinsurance.com earlier today, where $200 a month gets you a plan with a $5,000 deductible, I believe that the worst thing we could do is not pass a reform bill at this point. There are a lot of people out there who may not be able to hang on much longer if we stick with the status quo.

The problem here is we have a double-edged sword...

If the senate version is to be passed, yes, many low income people will be added, plus those benefits that has been mentioned. The other side is if it doesn't have enough restrictions on cost to the middle class, we'll still be stuck, and the Dems will pay a price for many years, plus the Repukes will roll back that bill if they get control. I reached a point where I believe our president is such a 'corporate' president, nothing that progressives had wanted will be enacted.