What Me Worry? Media Ignoring Iraq War

As we saw when the Iraq war began and the media started ignoring Afghanistan, the media only has enough attention to focus on one war at a time. Apparently that trend is continuing. Think Progress has a post on how the media has dramatically decreased coverage on Iraq following the Israeli conflict:

In the first six months of the year, the media devoted 39 minutes/week to Iraq coverage. Since July 12, they have devoted just 13 minutes/week. Additionally, in the last seven weeks, the media spent 510 minutes covering the Israel-Hezbollah conflict and just 94 minutes on Iraq.
In the month-long conflict, approximately 1,200 Lebanese and 159 Israelis were killed. In contrast, 3,402 Iraqi civilians died in the month of July.

As Cafferty pointed out, while the media were focused on Israel and Lebanon, “things in Iraq were going from bad to worse.”

The coverage of our troops in Afghanistan must be even further down the priority list.


off the radar

Noticed that my local paper has been a little light on the coverage as well. Apparently some organizations cannot fight two wars at the same time, let alone three.

This was Bushman's plan

Nothing like a hot war between Israel and Lebanon to take the focus off worries about our little occupation of Iraq. And guess what, it worked. No wonder Bush didn't want to see a ceasefire!

Bon soir

Last night, while trying to read "Plan of Attack", about getting into the Iraq mess in the first place, MSNBC was all Jon Benet Ramsey while Larry King was all Jon Bon Jovi.