Where in the World are Vernon's Donors? On a List

Vernon Robinson has tried to make a big deal about his donor list. There's no secret to it. He just buys the names here at Omega List Company as indicated in FEC reports and confirmed by "data cards"

Some of the same donors probably appear on similar conservative lists from Robertson Mailing List Company as the donors have given multiple contributions to other organizations that use this company.

The "data cards" give information about target audience, recent users, cost and terms. I think Vernon has a fondness for the GOPUSA email list because of the relative low cost of email, the other organizations that use it and support him and, because his printing/mailing expenses don't yet seem high enough to account for a print/mail campaign outside NC-13, unless of course he is piggy-backing on other mailings. Omega probably wouldn't be too pleased that his is giving away their product.


Fighting Over How to Scam the suckers

I feel so dirty after reading all this on fundraising. I thought that Vernon selling his list of suckers was bad enough, but it looks like it might not even has been his list to sell.

Greg...is NewsMax a list

or do you provide NewsMax the list and they send out the emails? I know that he has used NewsMax in the past. I just haven't looked into it to find out what exactly NewsMax is.

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An online and print "news source with a conservative perspective, similar to FoxNews but with even fewer ethics.

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Systematic Defrauding of Seniors

Another example of the Republican milking machine is the 527 College Republican National Committee that SouthernDem brought up back in March which was in turn picked up at uspolitics.about.com

Eyeballing their most recent IRS records I see familiar retiree names and contribution patterns similar to Robinson's. Vernon's not giving anybody anything they can't already get for free.

The College Republican National Committee has some infamous alumni who have kept in close contact since the 1980's:
Jack Abramoff (former College Republican National Committee chair)
Ralph Reed (former College Republican National Committee executive director)
Grover Norquist (former College Republican National Committee executive director)

In an interview last year reposted at OpinionEditorials Robinson had this to say about CRNC in the Q and A:

Question: On the topic of fundraising, the incumbent College Republican National Committee (CRNC) has come under fire for presiding over a fundraising campaign that appeared to target elderly donors with deceptive fundraising letters. The most infamous mailer (attached to this interview) promised elderly donors that President George W. Bush would wear an enclosed flag pin at the Republican National Convention, if they returned it with a contribution. This mailer was signed by CRNC Treasurer Paul Gourley, now a candidate for CRNC Chairman.
Robinson: The NCGOP cannot be party to the systematic defrauding of senior citizens. I believe that young people will make mistakes and should be corrected. But this is serious business not some out of control frat party. I would explain to Mr. Costas that his conduct directly reflects on the NCGOP and having apprised him of the situation, I will give him an opportunity to renounce his support of the grifter Paul Gourley. Should he decline to do so, I would replace him with a young man or lady who will conduct themselves and the business of the Federation in a manner that reflects credit on them and the NCGOP.

Too bad Vernon's not as worried about his own systematic defrauding of senior citizens using the same Republican scare tactics.

Damn you're good.


Karl Rove, Lee Atwater

Forgot to add these two to the CRNC roll call from the 70's

Vern's Donors

you can look up Vern's donors at PoliticalMoneyLine,


17 donors or so for Raleigh, including Carolyn Grant.


This thread has been a play on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" to ocassionally highlight some of absurdities of the 90% of Vernon's donors that live outside of NC.

I've been digging into the original information at the Federal Election Commission and indeed PoliticalMoneyLine does a great job of slicing and dicing it. For instance who would have thought that Richard Burr has so many rich friends in Utah that all happen to work for 1-800-CONTACTS

One sidenote on mailing lists: In 2003 Vernon used another company called Response Unlimited which gained notoriety for buying a Terry Schiavo donor list. They have some scary and bizarre lists including the High-Dollar Rush Limbaugh Uggs Footwear Buyers list.

You can read about them in an article about Minutemen in The Nation published this week

Response Unlimited is part of conservative media matrix run by Philip Sheldon, son of the anti-gay son Traditional Values Coalition founder Lou Sheldon. The matrix includes Diener Consultants and Affinity Marketing Central

Affinity Marketing Central provides innovative programs to generate donations for your organization. Often at no cost to your organization we provide new sources of revenue to supplement contributions. When your supporters choose to use everyday products and services, your organization acquires a new area of revenue.

One of the four listed companies is Revival Soy, which brings us back to Nate Tabor who works for this company that his brother runs and whose nemesis is now Vernon Robinson.

I have a feeling that Vernon had the right audience (as in far-right) with the RU lists but may not have resonated with the white power caucus or, the lists were too expensive for him. Otherwise he would be taking advantage of related Sheldon services like ResponseEnterprises, ConservativePetitions and, RightMarch. Maybe he still will when he gets more desperate than he already. One thing is for sure: he is addicted to mailing lists because he has no electoral base.