Your priorities are showing

The Charlotte City Council will vote tonight on a plan to shift street resurfacing money to hire 75 new police officers.

Said another way, the Charlotte City Council tonight will declare for the world to see just exactly what the priorities are of a typical American city. Spend millions repaving streets, or spend millions hiring more cops? Would that life were that simple. Cops or streets, streets or cops. Is it worth even asking what else that money might be productively used for? Needle exchange programs. Food for hungry families. Mental health services for people on the edge. Teachers. After school care.

Ah well. No sense asking big questions. Like how many of these cops spend most of their time fighting and losing America's absurd war on drugs.

Funding new officers will increase the Charlotte police force to 1,715, from 1,640.


Giuliani solved this problem after 9/11

He paved NYC streets with dead cops.

The funny thing is that's not hyperbole, unlike yours here James.

Eye on the goal, not the "absurd war on drugs."




Don't know how to respond to that...

Do you mean really, did the GOP frontrunner for President really pave the streets of NYC with cop body parts or really, is all you're now concerned about is NOT locking up Meth dealers?


I mean

really, it's getting kind of hard to clean up all the confusion you're sowing. Why do you do that? Sometimes it's fun and funny ... but it gets hard too.

Metatron's mental gymnastics are exhausting

I've gotten to the point I don't read the posts and don't respond unless they are intentionally insulting community members...and heck...sometimes I can't tell if/when they are insulting. My brain hurts.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you Betsy! Mental gymnastics is a kind way of saying

it, when I want to call it something else! You said it perfectly! My brain hurts, too, and I do not enjoy trying to figure out what Metatron meant, so I just label it insanity. With 80 kids out sick (yes the flu has hit the mountains!) at the only middle school in our county, and about 40 of them were in one physician's office where I was called in to help, (we are short primary care physicians and nurse practitioners) I have a right to call it insanity, as my brain hurts too, from the stress of the day. I would like to sit down and read something stimulating, but sorting through that ????? is not what I enjoy. I am glad to know that I am not alone. I think not reading the responses is the best suggestion.

Thanks, CHAOS

Thanks for your service to your community. It takes a special person to just sacrifice their own time and to use their own particular expertise to help others. I know you didn't care if some of those folks were repubs or right-wingnuts. You just helped.

Kudos, CHAOS.



I read the Cliff's Notes of what you're trying to do here too. They aint opaque.