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Campaign Finance Reform

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I thought I had an example for Anglico, where the News & Observer had done something right, but, dang it! Anglico is right again!

Here's the letter I tried to send to them:

Dear Editor:

As a person who worries that campaign finance reform will stifle political speech, I was alarmed by Bradley A Smith's column in this morning's News & Observer (Stifled Speech). Mr Smith reported that the Federal Election Commission had recently fined and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for too overtly supporting political candidates but failing to register "as political action committees, which would have limited their ability to receive large donations".

Smith lauds the ability of ordinary people to make ourselves heard through organizations such as and the Swift Boaters, and I agree 100% that we should be free to express our views through such organizations.

IMing with the Decider

You've probably got to pay to read it, but Maureen Dowd's column today, Death by Instant Message, is hilarious.

Here's an excerpt:

Decider: wait! I thought I was ur BFF ...

sexylibrarian: hon, sorry to interrupt, but i think denny and rummy should BOTH go ... they’re off the heez. women are hating on Foley and Iraq and it could ruin your admin

Rumstud74: ur a bigger pain than condi, laura ... why dont you go rd a book? read wdwrd’s book ... you sure helped him write it, litl ms tattletale

Decider: haha

sexylibrarian: george!

I think that political humor is often much more effective than facts, "plans", outrage, attacks, so I'm so glad to see lots of Saturday Morning Funnies out there!

Why I still subscribe to two newspapers

On Saturday, I read an interesting story on the front page of the News & Observer It was entitled Border watch heightens crossing peril and it told a story stating that it is now much harder for illegal immigrants to cross the Mexico-US border into the US.

Although the article sounded authentic, it just felt "funny", like a Bush administration plant. So I sent email to Barbara Barrett, the author of the article, and cc'd Melanie Sill, the N&O's Executive editor and senior vice president (I met Melanie many years ago and respect her highly).

Jerry Meek on what the NCDP is doing for county parties

Jerry Meek, head of the North Carolina Democratic Party, called me this afternoon to discuss my response to his post on his BlueNC blog. We've corresponded and talked several times in the past, and I think he's doing an outstanding job.

In my response I had asked another blogger to substantiate his claim that

The state party has a wealth of resources, despite what some may tell you....

I had read that comment as accusing the NCDP of having lots of money and not sharing it, and Jerry wanted to confirm that the state party does indeed have a wealth of resources that they want to share with county parties.

The President CANNOT Leak a Secret

It turns out that neither Bush or Cheney can leak classified secrets. Here's why: Scott McClellan, press secretary, explained today that Bush and Cheney declassified secrets just before revealing them to selected journalists. So they're not secrets, you see, and therefore they can't be what we uninformed people call "leaks."

Now we know why Cheney has been claiming the power to unilaterally and personally declassify anything they want.


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