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David Price signs Congressman Peter Welch's letter opposing the Senate tax bill

Congressman Peter Welch has written a letter to Speaker Pelosi opposing President Obama's deal with the Republicans to extend tax breaks for the rich. Welch is quoted as saying the tax cuts should be extended to middle-class taxpayers, and not wealthy ones.

I called David Price's DC office just now and was told that David had signed this letter.

BJ Lawson gets tricked by a true free-enterprise entrepreuneur

By now, you've heard that BJ Lawson's claim that Morgan Freeman narrated one of his political advertisements is false. Whoever narrated the ad was not Morgan Freeman, who has denounced the Lawson ad.

The Lawson campaign says that it was tricked by a California-based media company that "approached the campaign and offered to produce an ad with Freeman".

I have no idea if Lawson's account is correct, but, it makes me kind of proud of my native state even after 30 years of living in North Carolina.

I'm also kind of tickled that Lawson was apparently tricked by just the sort of free-enterprise entrepreneur that he thinks should run free of government regulation.

Congratulations and thanks to James

It's taken a long time, but the NC Democratic Party's call for a boycott of the Puppetmaster's businesses seems to be making waves in the news media finally.

And while I've seen no mention of what inspired any of these folks to finally publicize the Puppetmaster's attacks on democracy, I know who deserves a lot of credit for making this an issue: I'm very grateful that you are working so hard for us, James.

Open letter to BJ Lawson

BJ, when you first started running against David Price, George W Bush was still president of our country and the leader of your party. You seemed different, a breath of fresh air - you talked about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and seemed to have some idea of the dangers of powerful government.

Why I no longer donate to the Democratic Party, the DNC, DCCC, DSCC, etc.

This story confirms what has become painfully obvious: the DNC (and Obama, too) not only publicly ignores and disregards Howard Dean and his immeasurable contributions, but it has dropped his 50-state strategy that worked so well in 2008. Do you think that Obama would have won in NC without it?

So I now donate to specific candidates and pursue my own personal 50-state strategy.

My experience of what government can do to improve our society.

Much of our (more rational) current political discussion about reviving our economy seems to revolve around a simple-minded question of what got us out of the Depression. For the sake of argument, let's grant that it was WWII and not the New Deal's social safety net that revved up the economy again. Does that prove that we don't need government?

What questions are we afraid to ask? Where do we censor ourselves?

STOP!! This is not a discussion about guns. This is a discussion about the subjects that we liberals/leftists/progressives are uncomfortable talking about.

This post is inspired by a wonderful discussion yesterday with two of the senior denizens of BlueNC. At one point I asked if we shouldn't start arming ourselves, given the heavy accumulation of weaponry by the increasingly rabid right wing in our country. I felt relieved when my question (and myself) were treated and discussed with respect.

It shouldn't be hard to talk about this question, but it is.

Do we secretly believe in our hearts that some questions shouldn't even be asked?


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