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Online platforms must be able to police hate speech

Dear editor:
We now know that the insurrection of January 6, 2021 was organized largely online, with loose networks of Trump-inspired radicals hatching a plan to infiltrate the Capitol and harm our representatives, including the Vice President. Yet nearly a year after that incident, Congress still hasn’t figured out how to handle dangerous, conspiratorial speech online.

Thank you to our local hospitals combatting COVID-19

Dear Editor,

Despite the difficulties that COVID-19 brought to North Carolina, our local hospitals rose to the challenge to help those in need, and save countless lives. Whether patients were treated for coronavirus or a routine medical need, local hospitals continued to provide quality care.

Medical Professionals Need Our Support Now More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally affected every single North Carolinian, whether through the loss of a loved one, jobs disappearing, or getting sick themselves. The health and well-being of medical professionals in our community have also taken a significant toll, yet their struggle has gone unnoticed as they cared for patients on the frontlines at the height of the pandemic.

Support for independent pharmacies

Another healthcare-related letter to share. Interesting given role of pharmacists during COVID vaccine push.

Dear Editor,
Pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAOs) are not known to the average person, but they often play an integral role in helping you get your medications when going to your local pharmacist. My pharmacy relies on the work PSAOs do, allowing me to get out of the office and go work with my patients at the front of the store.

North Carolinians Still Have Time to Receive Health Coverage in the 2021 Marketplace Special Enrollment Period

Received this important letter to the editor re: the upcoming health insurance marketplace deadline. More than 2 million sign-ups already with the deadline a couple of weeks away now. COVID continues, so too should COVID relief. We need more supportive measures like this, Congress should not let special COVID-related relief expire!


Republicans playing political games when they should focus on jobs

Last Friday, President Biden wisely revoked a Trump executive order which sought to limit liability protections for online platforms, an order originally signed in retaliation to the former president’s ban from Twitter. While President Biden’s action walks back a needless Trump-era legacy, attempts to seek political retribution against "enemy" technology companies have continued from many Republicans.

Xavier Becerra’s Leadership at HHS will Jumpstart Federal COVID-19 Response

Our country is in the middle of the worst public health crisis in American history, and despite the approval of multiple COVID-19 vaccines, the Trump administration's failure to effectively distribute the vaccine far and wide has undermined the response to the pandemic, and left North Carolinians vulnerable to the virus.

Strengthening Health Care Access and Affordability

In the ten years since President Obama signed it into law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has ushered in unprecedented improvements to our nation’s health care system by expanding affordable coverage to millions of Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions. For those less likely to be insured, like minority and low-income individuals, the ACA has been a much-needed remedy for disparities in coverage.


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