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Free pass for GOP state House member with DWI

From my humble perch, it distresses me that the NC House Democratic caucus missed a great opportunity in 2008 when they did not field a candidate against Representative Phillip Frye in House District 84 (in the mountains).

Rep. Frye was charged with DWI in Dec 2007.


He filed for reelection anyway in early 2008, but no one filed against him.

I realize that this generally GOP mountain district is not in the top tier on the Dem+ list. However, Judge Doug McCullough was tossed from the NC Court of Appeals handily by Cheri Beasley after his encounter with drunk driving.

Equality NC annual conference and gala on Saturday, Nov 15

We've had a couple days now for the results of Tuesday's historic election to sink in. If you're like me, you're wondering what's next for our state and our movement for LGBT equality

Join Equality NC next Saturday, November 15 in Durham, for some answers.

What happens now in the wake of California's vote to ban marriage equality?
Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and a member of the Executive Committee for the No on 8 campaign in California, will share her experience on the campaign and what's next in California and the fight for marriage equality.

What does the election mean for LGBT people of color?


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