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North Carolina waits while US Senate confirms Virginia judge

North Carolina remains woefully underrepresented on the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. NC only has one judge on the Fourth Circuit.

Today, North Carolinians of all politcal persuasions should know that the US Senate continued to perpetuate this historic unfairness against North Carolina by taking time for two votes on a judge from Virginia.

A vote on cloture was held by the full Senate, and a vote on the nomination was held by the full Senate for this Virginia judge. North Carolina's nominees are still waiting.

NC Democrats: Rolling over, playing dead

The filling period for the 2010 elections ends next Friday.

There are 50 seats in NC Senate. So far, Democrats have not fielded a candidate in 18 of those districts.

If we're just going to give the GOP 18 seats (they only need 26 for a majority), then why have elections?

The NC House list is here. There are 120 seats in the NC House.

How many seats are Democrats going to give up without even fielding a candidate?

If you are a registered Democrat and have lived in one of these districts without a candidate for over a year, FILE FOR OFFICE.

Gary Robertson sees no GOP wrongdoing, smears Dems

A piece by mainstream media servant Gary Robertson is running all across North Carolina.

In it, you'll read names of former Democratic office holders that were in trouble with the law.

What won't you find? One - just one - name of a "troubled" GOP politician. Of course they exist, they just don't fit dear ol' Gary's story of woe for Dems.

Robertson reaches all the way back to 2003 to name former Ag Commissioner Phipps as a troubled Dem. Does he reach back as far for troubled GOPers? Ha!

Hey Robertson, it's 2010. Phipps was released in 2007. Got any new news to report? Been able to do any research in the past 3 years?

Republican bad boys include former GOP state senator John Carrington (why isn't he mentioned more with the LEA story)? He plead guilty to illegally sending technology to RED CHINA for chrissakes. It happened in 2005 -- two years after the Phipps story.

MLK Day thread

My recent reflections on Dr. King's life center more around his wife, Coretta, as her death just happened in the past few years. Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery at her funeral sums up what I think the reflection on either or both of their lives should be about. Well, at least what I'm feeling today. Watch the whole video, it's worth it.


The cost of bigotry idiocy

If NC state Senator Jim Forrester had his way, North Carolina taxpayers would be over $5 million poorer this November.

As he does every legislative session, Senator Forrester filed a bill this past February to write discrimination into the state constitution -- even though marriage equality is already banned by state statute.

Well, the Fiscal Research Division determined that holding such a referendum in November 2009 -- as Senator Forrester proposed -- would cost the state's taxpayers over $5.7 million.

NC is #1...again

Another year, another top ranking for NC in the business climate department.

Don't believe me 'cause I'm some crazy blogger on BlueNC? Then trust the pros at Site Selection magazine.

They even start their article with this line about NC's consistent ranking about such supposed better business places as Texas, Virginia, or South Carolina.

How has North Carolina managed to rank No. 1 in Site Selection’s annual business climate rankings eight times in the past nine years?

Equality NC Conference and Gala

The Equality NC Foundation Conference and Gala will be held on Saturday, November 14 in Greensboro.

Registration is open now for the daytime conference, the evening gala, or both! Prices go up after October 30, so register early.

Full schedule here

The daytime conference at UNC-Greensboro's Elliot University Center includes an opening session, three breakout sessions with five workshops to choose from during each breakout session, and a closing keynote in the afternoon.

The evening gala will be held at downtown Greensboro's Empire Room. Senator Julia Boseman is this year's Legislative Leadership Award recipient.


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