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Will the US Senate confirm NC Judge Catherine Eagles?

The US Senate returns to work on Monday, September 13. At approx 5:30pm, the US Senate is scheduled to vote to confirm a judge from Tennessee to the Sixth Circuit.

As a North Carolinian, I want to ask Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan why Judge Catherine Eagles has not been scheduled for a confirmation vote. I want the media to ask Senators Burr and Hagan why Judge Eagles has been blocked from even a simple unanimous consent request.

Naval question

What do the experienced military folks on here think about this article?

The author (months ago) asserts that aircraft carriers have never really had any defenses against ballistic missles anyway, so all this talk about Chinese missiles we're seeing in the MSM is muchado about nothing.

Here’s the sentence: “Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.”

ADAP in Perspective -- Nationally and Budgetary

The NYT runs an article on the disaster that is ADAP in the states.

Left unwritten, but alluded to, is the fact that the feds can't come to a budget agreement, leaving ADAP and Medicaid twisting in the wind. The failure to send the promised FMAP (Medicaid) funds to the states is adding to the problem.

Also, relief was removed from the vaunted health reform bill. All parties left and right are responsible for this tragedy.

Note the graph in the NYT article. NC heads the list.

As this audience probably knows, the NC legislature added $14.1 million more to the $11 million already appropriated for FY 10-11.

Obama screws progressives again

Can this "Democratic" White House be any less Democratic?

I'd swear Bush and Cheney were still in office if I didn't look at the calendar.

Enviros and homos get thrown under the Obama bus yet again.

...the man the Obama administration has chosen to take a stab at fixing the Gulf oil spill disaster. He's an avowed "proud homophobe," who thinks that "sodomites" are responsible for infecting "innocent victims" with AIDS, and he's an Al Gore hating climate change denialist too!

Was there really no one else?

Is there really any one left that thinks Obama -- or any candidate he is supporting in the primaries tomorrow (Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter) should be given another term?

I hope Arkansas and Pennsylvania Democrats give Obama and his minions at the DNC and the DSCC a swift kick in the groin.

When Doubling Down on Hypocrisy, Beware of Colbert!

Most of this insider audience on BlueNC has already heard the story of Dr. George Rekers.

But Dr. Rekers fought back against the naked display of his blatant hypocrisy by saying Jesus would do the same.

That was enough for Colbert to weigh in and make Dr. Rekers his Alpha MaleDog of the Week.

Time to laugh! And dance!

Come out, come out wherever you are...

NC's last statewide Democratic primary runoff

For your review:

NC's last Democratic primary runoff (called "2nd primary" by the BOE) was in 2008.

It was for the right to challenge GOP incumbent Cherie Berry for Commissioner of Labor.

We all know how that turned 2008...a Democratic year.

A review of the runoff results is here.

A review of the November 2008 general is here.

Wave to the Elevator Lady! She's one of only two statewide elected GOPers.

Did a primary runoff help keep her there?

I'm not sure.

I do know that Richard Burr is now sitting in a very similar position.

NCGOP Hypocrisy: Installment 7839

When is drunk driving not drunk driving?

When you're running for NC House in the Republican Party.

Uncle Festzer sez: A DUI is in a different category.

Uncle Festzer and NC GOP Rep. Thom Tillis ran fellow GOPer Jamie Earp out the race for NC House District 34.

Nevermind that they er...give a pass to worthless check writer Steve Henion -- who is still in the GOP primary for that House 34 seat in Wake County.

More on the GOPs preferred candidate from the story:

A Wake County court renewed a $7,000 judgment against Henion in January, ordering him to pay a debt to BB&T that he was ordered by the court to pay a decade ago but has ignored. Courts have ordered Henion to pay more than $1,700 in claims to workers and other businesses in other cases since 1999.

Open thread

It is possible if you just look in front of your face: Mainstream media finds corrupt Republican candidate.

Want to find another scandal-ridden GOPer running for a seat in Raleigh? Try looking in another crowded Republican field for a state House seat. There's one candidate who was found drunk in a wrecked car with a girl half his age -- only a few years ago. Hint: the district is west of Greensboro ... and Charlotte ... and east of Asheville. This might not be a GOP pickup after all if this former GOP legislator wins the primary.

At least Uncle Festzer still isn't gay.

Fascism, of course

forcing citizens to buy the unregulated products of private companies that have been granted monopolies

Firedoglake reminds us of the textbook definition of fascism.

It's been so distressing to see so-called progressives in NC support the idea of passing the Senate bill.

Shame on those who support propping up Blue Cross to give Obama a "win" on the backs of what remains of the middle class.


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