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Rep. Larry Brown embarrasses Forsyth and Davidson counties again

Fire up the Britney Spears, Rep Larry Brown just did it again (h/t to Binker and Progressive Pulse).

Moral, fiscal, scientific and political idiocy are all on display in this insane interview with the Winston-Salem Journal.

Reporter Wesley Young does a good job tracking down local folks who have the common sense, facts, and life experience to rebut Rep. Brown's idiocy. So take a read.

Please, NC GOP. Stop Rep. Brown before he gets our state as a joke on Saturday Night Live again.

For entertainment, since Rep. Brown is clearly in need of some:

Polling: Civitas vs. Reality

It's been interesting to see another Civitas Poll making the rounds.

To see if we should pay any attention at all to these numbers thrown out by Civitas and reprinted by the MSM, let's do a reality check on some of the last polling numbers pushed by Civitas a few days before the Nov 2010 election.

Civitas suggested Democratic Rep. Brisson was down by 20% to his Republican challenger.

Meanwhile, looking at voters who said they are most likely voting in the fall, Szoka’s lead jumps to a 57 percent-37 percent margin.

Of course, this was pure nonsense as Rep. Brisson won with more than 52% of the vote.

Activist NC judges ignore statute & void years-old adoption

Take a read at a majority of the NC Supreme Court ignore the plain language of state statute.

The circular reasoning of Justice Newby is some insanity to behold.

Justice Hudson's dissent lays it out.

I'll post more later.

It's a thing to behold activist "conservative" judges ignoring state law.

Newby and the majority of the NC Supreme Court even shred decades of the understanding of subject matter jurisdiction.

Is Justice Newby a secret anarchist?

Here's the state law Justice Newby and his majority just throw out the window:

§ 48‑2‑607. Appeals.

Obama increases taxes on working poor while cutting taxes for the rich?

Did you know that Obama's deal with Republicans not only cuts taxes for the rich, but INCREASES taxes on the working poor?

More importantly, does your Congressman know? Will Brad Miller, G.K. Butterfield, or Mel Watt vote for this disgusting deal? David Price signed a letter opposing it, but what will he do when the vote actually comes?

Phone numbers for these Democrats are at the bottom of their web pages.

Contact Brad Miller here.
Contact G.K. Butterfield here.
Contact Mel Watt here.

The fix is already in for the US Senate to approve this travesty. Tell your Congressman that this deal should not be brought up for a vote. Just do nothing and the working poor will be better off than under this Obama-McConnell plan.

Participating in National Opt-Out Day? Know Your Rights!

The folks at Firedoglake have a document about Opting Out of the Porno Scanners your government is busily wasting money on.

The idea of an Opt-Out day has been picking up steam, and many airline passengers will be refusing to submit to the TSA’s whole body imaging scanners on Wednesday, November 24. But in the wake of conflicting messages coming out of the TSA, travelers are going to be confused about what to expect at TSA security checkpoints. So FDL has put together a handy flier about the scanners and the “enhanced” patdown procedures, which explains your risks and rights in the airport:

I'd also consider telling the TSA that you're bisexual when you opt-out so they won't know whether to have a man or woman pat you down.

NC's Rep. Brad Miller on fire --- finally

Brad Miller's letter to Obama's boy idiot Tim Geithner gets front page attention at Firedoglake.

If only the rest of Congress was willing to call these absurd bankers on their bullsh!t.

Congressman Miller:

I do not place a high priority on protecting the solvency of the banks if they are insolvent.

Damn right.

Big banks: You are insolvent and do not deserve to be spared the consquences of your greed by the taxpayers anymore.

Ireland is breaking up their banks. WTF are we waiting on?

And why didn't we do this 2 years ago?

Reason # 3728 for change at 220 Hillsborough St

Got a letter from the NC Democratic Party today. It was reminder to vote with a handy voter guide to take to the polls.

So far, so good.

However, in the first paragraph, the letter kindly thanks me for voting in 2008 (I'm a registered Democrat so they assume me voting helps them), but notes that I didn't vote in 2009 or the May 2010 primary.

Knowing this to be false -- since I haven't missed voting in ANY election since I turned 18 -- I checked my record on the State Board of Elections web site just to see if bad data was out there.

Sure enough, the SBOE records indicate that I've voted in every election for the past several years -- general, primary, 2nd primary, municipal. You name it, I've voted.

So why does the NCDP think I haven't voted in 2 years?

I don't know, but I do know new management is needed at party headquarters.

Candidate recruitment was abysmal this cycle, and campaign management doesn't seem much better.

Memo to Richard Burr: 14th Amendment was not written by our Founders

A US Senator should know better:

The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868 in part to specifically fix errors of the Founders. You know, that whole "slaves-are-less-than-a-person" thing.

Richard Burr, you are unworthy of being a US Senator.

NC Constitutional Amendment on November 2010 ballot

Does anyone else have concerns about the constitutional amendment on the ballot this November?

After voters tossed all the felons out of every sheriff's primary this past May, the NC General Assembly still felt it necessary to use a bazooka to kill a gnat.

The honorables passed a constitutional amendment barring felons from any state -- even those who have had their citizenship rights restored -- from running for the office of sheriff.

It's that unconditional banishment from office that bothers me.


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