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Memo to Legislative Ethics Committee: Investigate Thom Tillis

Inexplicably, there are reports that the Legislative Ethics Committee is not going to investigate the Speaker's-Office-Sex-With-Lobbyists Scandal.

The Legislative Ethics Committee denied the investigation request saying it did not have the authority to investigate legislative employees or lobbyists. The committee governs the conduct of elected lawmakers in the General Assembly

On what planet do these people operate?

Boomerang: Republican Russell Robinson destroys Amendment One

Russell Robinson III, a prominent lawyer and conservative in Charlotte writes against Amendment One in yesterday's Charlotte Observer.

The proposed amendment is so poorly worded and so unnecessary that its adoption would actually increase the probability of a federal court invalidating its ban on same-sex marriage. This is exactly the opposite of the result intended by the amendment’s proposers.

He lays out even more unintended consequences of Amendment One -- for the opponents of gay marriage. Because of the vague language used in the NC Amendment, he writes:

That language in the recent California case describes the proposed amendment to our North Carolina constitution so well that it strongly invites the filing of a federal court action in North Carolina to invalidate our similar constitutional amendment as well. In fact, it might make North Carolina the best state in which to bring such an action.

Emphasis mine in both quotes.

And he writes correctly. Some lawyer will become very famous getting this Amendment overturned in federal court should it pass on May 8.

h/t Watauga Watch


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