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Quirky North Carolina Law Leaves Dunn on Ballot

Despite the fact that Tim Dunn quit campaigning for Congress in the 8th district and endorsed his opponent, Larry Kissell, his name will appear on the ballot in May's primary. This is due to the fact that North Carolina law does not allow qualified candidates to quit a race. Congressional Quarterly detailed the problem:

State election law dictates that candidates who have filed and qualified to run cannot remove their names from the primary ballot once the filing deadline passes. That occurred on Feb. 28.

DNC's 50 State Canvass

Howard Dean is extending his fifty-state effort with a nationwide canvassing on April 29th. With the success of the North Carolina Democratic Congressional candidates linked to the fortunes of the national Democratic Party, and the success of taking back the house linked to Shuler and Kissell's ability to unseat Republicans, events like this will be hugely important in determining the direction of our country. Please visit the DNC's website to see how you can

The Democrats of the 5th on Display

There were a couple of high profile candidates that decided not to run in NC-5 against Virginia Foxx (R), but we do have four Democrats in a primary battle to run against her. The Winston-Salem Journal highlights the race in this article. You will have to click the article to read the whole thing, but I will quote the introduction of the candidates:

The candidates are Mark Glen, an architect in Winston-Salem; Syn-di Holmes, a nurse who lives Mocksville; Roger Kirkman, a public-information officer in Winston-Salem and the 2004 primary runner-up; and Roger Sharpe, a former state senator from Harmony who once worked as the special assistant to the director of the Office of Civil Rights under the Carter administration.

Getting in Front on Gangs

All too often Democrats in this state wait until crisis time to start any real thinking, see e.g. Jim Black. The growing concerns of gangs in North Carolina is one area that the Democrats should start moving now. There is a wealth of statistical evidence on the problem of gang activity in North Carolina (focusing on Hispanic gangs) in the new study from the Governor's Crime Commission. The data that they found was disturbing:

Trend data indicates a 16.6 percent increase in the number of reported gangs

The "They Do Not Speak English in Europe Myth"

I am sure that there will be more myths/lies about the immigration issue going forward, but one is already starting to kill me. I have heard at least three times on national media (with the third being this morning the supposedly liberal Alex Bennett on Sirius) that we need to make everyone speak English because "we need to learn English when we travel around Europe". This is a completely ridiculous statement.

Having traveled around Europe and having many friends from Europe, I know that the vast majority of the continent speaks English as a second language. As a traveler, there is seldom any problem negotiating Europe without knowing the native language. All Europeans are taught a second language in school, and for the most part that language is English.

Once More Democrats Let Circumstances Control Them

BlueNC has been advocating dealing with the Jim Black issue before he destroys the Democratic Party's electoral chances in this state. For months, our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Now the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Democrats have finally awoken to the problem:

A Democratic member of the N.C. House said yesterday that his colleagues should start planning for the possibility that House Speaker Jim Black could be indicted.

Crashing the Gate Tour

For getting Markos and Jerome to North Carolina (I will explain why this is important below), it looks like May will be the date from this on MyDD:

We are also in the works of adding a more stops in the South in early May. For the east coast leg, we have a lot more cities to add, so if you are anywhere within 8 hours of DC, go at it with helping to organize a tour stop in May.

From my earlier post describing the tour's desire to add dates and associated poll, it appears that most of our readers would like to have a book signing with the possibility of Brad Miller stopping by. I would like us to have a united plan for the tour; since I have not contacted any bookstores or Brad about appearing, please leave suggestions and contact information below. I will contact the bookstores (or coffee shops) and then set up an action plan to get all of us to suggest the same stop.

Why We Should Not Listen to the Consultants

Gary Pearce, a main consultant for former governor Jim Hunt, has had a strange turn of events since Hunt left office. He has teamed with ultra-conservative Helms advisor Carter Wrenn in a blog. The problem with the consulting agreement is that it proves that he has no values but will work for whoever pays him more. The problem with the website are numerous, but importantly, neither Gary or Carter has learned how to either create links or answer comments. In addition, to those flaws, having to make public statements means that everyone knows when you do not know what you are talking about.


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