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Democratic Hispanic Caucus...Taking the Lead in North Carolina

As a very active participant in the mid-term elections, I was completely and thoroughly disappointed with the Democratic Party in general in North Carolina. But recent events have given me reason to believe again.....Let me tell you why.

Democratic Minorities across the state of North Carolina wield overwhelming power in North Carolina. But in recent history, that power has not been seen nor has it made much of difference in any election outcome to date. I think all of that is about to change.....

Time For North Carolinians To Stand Up!

The time is drawing near, and the hour is late. This Mid-Term election is not like any other in the history of this country and North Carolina will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation.

In North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District, voters have a real opportunity to both shock and shape the future of this country. The democratic candidate, Marshall Adame is, by far, the best hope that the 3rd District has had in over 20 years. Marshall Adame is highly qualified, brings a wealth of international diplomatic experience, served on Congressional Commissions, and has served his country in war. This man is a reliable member of the community that has only one serve the people of the 3rd District, stand with his neighbors when legislature is passed by the state that hurts the people of his community and his district, and to bring an active interest in improving the economic state of the 3rd District. It's time the 3rd District has a Congressman that is ready to roll up his sleeves and get things done for the people of the district and the people of this country. Marshall has and will always put the people first.

Can't figure it out

For the life of me I cannot figure out Democrats in North Carolina! You see what is going on around you in our state, in our country and you do NOTHING! Democrats in the 3rd District have stood by and watched their District sink into utter poverty, watched while McCrory and his band of merry men/women destroy the education system, the environment and the economy and yet you do NOTHING.

Walter Jones Jr. has represented the 3rd District for 20 years now and as Eastern North Carolina falls further and further into poverty and despair you flock to the poles to put this guy back into office....Let me let you in on a little secret....Walter Jones Jr. is not Walter Jones Sr. I know that's a shocking revaluation, and most of you don't understand that, but he is nothing like his father, so why do you people believe he is?

Walter Jones Jr., What Have You Done for US Lately? (In the Last 20 Years?)

In 20+ years in the US House of Representatives for the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina, what has Walter Jones Jr. really accomplished? What can he point to as a Statesman to hang his hat on in the 2014 elections?

Walter Jones Jr. is the son former Congressman Walter Jones, also from the 3rd District of North Carolina, but does this make him qualified to be a Congressman? In my opinion...NO!

When you dig into what Walter Jr. has done in his 20+ years in office you will find a dismal performance record. For example in 2013 he wrote no bills. He had no legislation of his own origin, preferring to simply sign on as a co-sponsor of over 400 bills in 2013.

Jones Jr., from Jan-Mar of 2014 has missed over 37% of role call votes so far this year. That's over one out of every three votes....What is this guy doing?

Historic Election? 2014 Can Change the Course of History

North Carolina will play a critical role in shaping the future of the Nation. The Koch Brothers know it, the Tea Party knows it and the GOP knows it. We as Democrats have to know it! Sometimes I'm not all that sure that we do. We as Democrats have to show up this year!!!

If we want what’s going on in North Carolina to happen at the Federal Level, then we have to show up in 2014! We have already seen a glimpse of the future if the GOP/Tea Party gains control over both houses of Congress. The Government Shutdown, GOP/Tea Party members voting to default on the National Debt, Obstructionism, 52 votes to repeal the ACA, infusion of Billions of Dollars to buy elections and the poisoning of our water supply and our environment in the name of Corporate Profits.

Midterm Elections of 2014, As Important as Presidential Election in 2016

Democrats and Independents of North Carolina, as we stand on the brink of a new era and a real possibility of a new political landscape for the state and the nation, we are being told by all the so called “experts” that this new political world will be controlled by the Republicans and their radical faction, the Tea Party which make up the GOP.
We in the 3rd Congressional District are being told that “you cannot make a difference”; the 3rd District is a “throw away” District; 3rd District is an “R+10”. While Democrats outnumber the Republicans in the district 3 to 2 we have lost consecutively for the last 20 plus years. I often ask myself why and yet when I look at numbers startling realizations jump off the page. This is what I see.
Before I get into this I want to say...disorganization contributes tremendously to the lack of ability to elect a Democratic Candidate in the 3rd District.

Are You Sick of This Yet?

Well today the North Carolina Legislature passed a law that would place the burden of paying for the cleanup of the Coal Ash spill in the Dan River on to the taxpayers. To me this is truly a naked act of an abuse of power by the North Carolina State Government.

Duke Energy, the sole proprietor and owner of the Coal Ash pond, the responsible organization for the upkeep and maintenance of this facility is now passing on the cost of their negligence and the cleanup to the taxpayer for a spill that was their fault to begin with.

There is no shame in the McCrory administration and no shame at all in the GOP led Legislature. While cutting every social program they can, cutting off unemployment, and trampling on the rights of the people of North Carolina, I ask you....ARE YOU SICK OF THIS YET?

Jason Thigpen - Democrat or NOT?

One of the most perplexing things that I have encountered since I’ve been focusing on the 2014 3rd District Midterm elections is the entrance of Jason Thigpen into the race. Jason has been a Republican for most if not all of his adult life. While conservative Republicans can be pretty conservative that was not good enough for Jason Thipen. Moving even further right, Jason became an ultra conservative Tea Party member. So why is he running as a Democrat? Or is he?

Like I said I have been following the elections for quite some time, and I have seen Jason Thipen speak in person 4 or 5 times. I have seen his interviews, and the most recent WECT TV interview. I have yet to hear him call himself a Democrat nor does he ever mention the Democratic Party. He never lifts the Democratic Party up as most committed Democrats often do when they speak publicly.

Marshall Adame vs Jason Thigpen...WECT TV Interviews, Compare and Decide

Rarely do voters get a chance to see Candidates side by side for an in-depth interview, so I decided to provide you that opportunity.

As concerned North Carolinans, selecting a Candidate to represent the party in the General election is extremely important, and making an informed decision is the key to selecting the best candidate.
Please go to the link below and view Marshall Adame's interview with Jon Evans of WECT TV in Wilmington. I think that you will agree that Marshall Adame is a candidate that is about substance on issues that affect the voters of North Carolina and the nation.

Coal Ash What is it Really

Here is a very comprehensive site that breaks down the makeup of the Coal Ash, the magnitude of the problem and lots of other good information on this issue.

Brought to you by Marshall Adame for the US House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina and EarthJustice



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