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My recent letter to Sen. Burr ref Sec Ed nominee DeVos

I just sent this email to one of my senators .....

Recently you stated that Betsy DeVos has an unmatched "... commitment to improving education and expanding opportunity for our students ..."

Really. I am curious as to what facts in her background demonstrated her "unmatched commitment to improving education...".

Please support anti gerrymandering petition

I just put up another petition opposing and calling attention to the blight on our democracy that is gerrymandering. This time it is at Please support this effort by signing it and spreading the word.
The link is here.

Thank you

High Stakes Testing 2014 - the insanity continues

The results are in for the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year. You may recall that last year the Geometry final exam allowed students to pass who got about 10% of the questions correct. Getting zero correct earned a student a 64. This same cohort of students took Algebra 2 as their next math class. The final exam scores came in last week for schools on the 4x4 yearly schedule (4 classes per semester, 90 min. classes). For the just taken Algebra 2 final exam, getting 33% correct earned students a passing score. I guess that is somewhat better than the previous Geometry exam but still quite abysmal.

A lesson from South Africa

The recent passing of Nelson Mandela got me thinking. He was a man of great compassion and understanding and did what was right regardless of who he might alienate. He was the right man to lead South Africa (SA) as its first post apartheid president.

NC may be bleeding teachers

NC Policy Watch has a story posted concerning the increasingly likely possibility that we could very well be a net exporter of teachers. The story can be found here.

I seem to recall that NC's universities come way short in providing enough teachers to replace retirees and that NC needed to be a net importer just to maintain the status quo. Can't really blame teachers for wanting to make a decent living though.

The story reports that NC leads the nation in the percent of income lost by teachers (16%?). A dubious distinction indeed.

Some polling info from PPP on NC and Dem possibilities

This link appeared in my inbox a few hours ago. The data should makes Dems in NC a little more optimistic about cutting into the R's dominance come 2014.

If Dem. leadership can bring some resources to bear in the right districts it just might be possible to flip the NC Senate. But SShhhh, don't tell Boss Pope.

and so the rich just keep getting richer ...

According to this AP story just out ....

The top 1 percent of U.S. earners collected 19.3 percent of household income in 2012, their largest share since 1928. And the share held by the top 10 percent of earners last year reached a record 48.2 percent

Another choice quote ...

Last year, the incomes of the top 1 percent rose nearly 20 percent compared with a 1 percent increase for the remaining 99 percent.

Courtesy of the Republican party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rich People Inc.

Just in from NCDP - R's trying to throw out challenge to their gerrymandered districts

Yes, it's a plea for funding, but this is a cause that just might be worth supporting.

Link to donation page here.

From the email ...

There is no question that we have the law on our side and have the evidence to show that these illegally drawn maps are not in the best interest of the people of North Carolina.

In fact, in a previous court ruling, the three-judge panel noted:

“Plaintiffs, in their challenge, have raised serious issues and arguments about, among other things, the extent to which racial classifications were used in the enactment of these Plans.”

We need your help now to have the resources to be heard in court! Our fight requires retaining the best legal counsel and expert witnesses to show how the Republican maps do not comply with the law.

Spread the word if you please.

a crazy idea to counter NC's gerrymandering

If you have a sense of right and wrong that is 100% unbendable read no further ... otherwise, have at it ...

Imagine election day 2014 and Skip Stam and Thom Tillis lose ... in addition Rene Ellmers gets her walking papers. Here's how that could, could, could, (clap for Tinkerbell, dream the dream) happen:


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