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Political parties swap roles in 2014: Reuters

Only three Democrats have been elected president since 1964. All were boosted by economic populism. What drove Jimmy Carter’s victory in 1976 was the Watergate scandal, but the worsening economy under Republican President Gerald Ford brought a lot of voters back to the Democratic fold. Especially because Carter was a moderate from the Deep South. Bill Clinton won in 1992 with a simple message: “The economy, stupid.” The 2008 financial crisis produced the election of the nation’s first African-American president, Barack Obama.

Thom Tillis is the worst of the worst

Here is what the Raleigh N&O wrote in this week's Notable Numbers on its editorial page:

66: The percentage of the tax cut passed by the 2013 General Assembly that will go to the wealthiest 1 percent of North Carolinians

$513 million: The original estimate for the cost of that 2013 tax plan

$1.1 billion: The latest estimate of its cost to the state

We have an oligarchy ruling our country. We have to oppose the Koch Brothers and Carl Rove and their minions like Thom Tillis. Under Speaker Tillis there was an income transfer from the typical and lower level taxpayers to the top 1% of NC taxpayers. Republicans are disdainful of any transfer from the wealthy to the poor, but they supported in NC a 660 million Dollar transfer of tax money-- our dollars--to the Oligarchy of the 1%. I can think of dozens of better uses for that money for the majority of North Carolina's citizens.

Let's not be catty about this


You can REGISTER to vote TODAY, LAST DAY IN NC at the following locations:
-- NC State Board of Elections
-- County Boards of Elections
-- Public Libraries
-- Public high schools or college admissions offices

5:00 PM Deadline. Be there, or be square: there will not be an opportunity to register during early voting this year.


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