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New health care law is wrong legally, morally and financially

While Republicans are calling for Congress to “repeal and replace” the new Federal health care law, North Carolina's Libertarians want to make more fundamental changes. Several candidates said the law is unconstitutional and an infringement on individual liberty. They support North Carolina joining the 14 states who are suing the Federal government challenging the new law.

Removing N.C. ballot access restrictions an issue that transcends political differences

Sometimes an issue arises in the public that defies categorization as liberal, conservative, left or right. The Libertarian and Green parties challenge to North Carolina's ballot access laws is one example. The cause has made allies of a disparate coalition of political and public advocacy groups who otherwise would be on opponents.

President dismisses separation of powers in State of the Union address

The last time President Obama addressed the Congress the most controversial part probably occurred when Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” when the president's claimed that illegal immigrants would not get special treatment under health care reform.

Political pundits and the mainstream media talking heads called this an unprecedented breach of protocol (the most polite comment made).

Last night, the president himself committed an unprecedented breach of protocol when he claimed the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision would “open the floodgates for special interests –- including foreign corporations –- to spend without limit in our elections.”

Court Decision May Impact Constitutional Law Beyond NC

The N.C. Appeals Court decision in the case of the LPNC vs. The State of North Carolina is a watershed decision for constitutional law with implications far beyond North Carolina, said Jason Kay, a senior staff attorney with the N.C. Institutional for ConstitutionN.C. Institutional for Constitutional Lawal Law.N.C. Institutional for Constitutional Law

End abuse of power by removing the power to abuse

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical." (Thomas Jefferson)

by Barbara Howe
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

The "voter owned elections" bills currently circulating in the General Assembly will do nothing to end corruption in government. Like most legislation, the title belies the real intent. Rather than insure voter ownership of elections, the bills will strengthen the grip of the Democrat-Republican duopoly that controls our state government.

No doubt many sponsors of these bills are sincere in their desire to end corruption. They're well meaning -- but misguided. In their quest to legislate morality, they entirely miss the real problem.

The problem is not the abuse of power; it is the power to abuse.

Restaurant owners choked by own second-hand smoke

LPNC Press Release
RALEIGH (April 3) -- Restaurant owners and their lobbyists are choking on the second-hand smoke wafting from the back rooms of the North Carolina General Assembly, said a Libertarian Party of North Carolina spokesman. "It's ironic. They're coughing and wheezing in the smoke generated by their own attempts to burn the rights of all North Carolinians," said Brian Irving, LPNC communications director.

The restaurant owners were lobbying to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. In a another of their infamous midnight maneuvers power-brokers in the General Assembly amended the bill just before the final vote to exclude bars and nightclubs.

"They also exempted non-profit clubs and country clubs, so apparently lobbyists for those special interests were in the house," Irving said. "Now the restaurateurs' attempt to maneuver and reverse course is obscured by their own smoke-screen. How fitting."


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