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First U.S. Senate campaign debate will include Libertarian Mike Beitler

In what may be a first for North Carolina politics, the first debate of the 2010 U.S. Senate election will include all ballot qualified candidates. The N.C. Bar Association is sponsoring a debate in Wilmington tomorrow which will include Libertarian Mike Beitler, incumbent Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Elaine Marshall.

News 14 Carolina will carry the debate live at 11 a.m. The channel is only available to Time Warner Cable digital customers.

Five years after Kelo, property rights still threatened

Five years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted an important private property protection in the U.S. Constitution. In Kelo v. New London, the court wrongfully decided it was acceptable for government to condemn and seize private property and give it to another owner.

To call attention to this unjust decision, the chairs of the 50 state Libertarian Party chapters and the members of the Libertarian National Committee have signed an open letter calling on the Supreme Court to reverse the Kelo ruling in a future case. They also called on state governments to adopt laws or constitutional amendments to eliminate this practice.

Etheridge encounter an assault or a set up?

Rep. Bob Etheridge’s reaction to a street encounter with a student journalist has politicians and political pundits on both the left and right in a frenzy. The right is calling it an “assault.” The left is claiming it was “set-up.” Etheridge possibly set a new record by apologizing so quickly, without hours of the video appearing on the internet.

DNA bill violates presumption of innocence principle

Two Libertarian candidates with experience in the law and law enforcement believe a bill being considered by the General Assembly to allow police to take a DNA sample from those arrested for certain felonies violates the basic American principle of the presumption of innocence and protections against unconstitutional search and seizure.

“At its most basic level, this bill offends my notions of the presumption of innocence and the right against unconstitutional search and seizure by those merely accused of a crime,” said T.J. Rohr, Libertarian candidate for District Attorney in Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba Counties.

President should nominate Supreme Court justices who respect the Constitution

The bitter battles now routine for every U.S. Supreme Court nomination go beyond the issue of the qualifications or political views of the specific nominee. They expose a more fundamental problem with the federal government: the legislative and executive branches simply refuse to take the Constitution seriously.

“Once upon a time, Congress felt it had a duty to legislate in accordance with the Constitution. Likewise, past presidents believed that they should veto laws that were not clearly constitutional,” said Wes Benedict, Libertarian Party executive director.

“But in more recent years, both branches have thrown this crucial duty away,” he said. “Now their attitude seems to be, ‘We can pass anything we want to, and let the Supreme Court deal with it if they don't like it.’ That was absolutely not what the American Founders had in mind.”

Libertarians repudiate Mecklenburg candidate

North Carolina Libertarians have taken the unusual step of repudiating a candidate. The state executive committee passed a resolution repudiating the candidacy of Jack Stratton for Mecklenburg County Commission.

The resolution adopted May 8 alleges Stratton is using his campaign “to pursue personal goals rather than a bona-fide run for public office.” The resolution also charges that Stratton has a history of responding to criticism with “unfounded legal threats and intimidation.”


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