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Who here has questions about what is really important in America?

What is really important to us here on BlueNC?

My take?

1. That we get a comprehensive health care plan for every citizen in the U.S. to be able to realize health care benefits that are not based on your ability to pay or on what is best for the providers.

2. That regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, political belief...male or female..etc...we ALL have the exact same rights and priveleges as outlined in the constitution.

3. That everyone in this country should be offered the ability to obtain a first class education.

4. That service in the military should be offered to every qualified citizen of the U.S. regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, religion or political belief.

I am sure there are more things to offer up in this regard and I encourage anyone and everyone to contribute to this line of thought here.

These are what rests heavy on my heart. Yours may be different and I'd LOVE to hear what you all have to say on this.

Shew! An extension of unemployment benefits has passed

After a long period of political wrangling by Sen. Bunning of Kentucky, the Senate has passed an extension of unemployment benefits for the millions of people out of work and out of benefits in our country (oh, and by a large margin, I might add). "No Show" Burr? Once again on the losing side and once again an embarrassment to our state.

The 78-19 vote on the 30-day extension known as H.R. 4691 came minutes after the Kentucky Republican made a final plea on the floor of the Senate for his colleagues not to borrow the money


Um ... yeah ... Burrski was one of the 19. Lovely, huh? One more nail in his coffin, me thinks.

We must have reloaded the gun. When will it stop??

Seems that our democratic politicians not only have a propensity to shoot themselves in the foot (and our party to boot) but are reloading in that effort here lately.

Now we have the latest with David Peterson opting out of running for Guv of NY because of some troublesome revelations. When will we learn, folks? Why not just hand the reigns of power to the repugs? Geeezzzz...

Should Obama fire much of his staff?

Things politically seem to be going downhill fast for the Obama administration and it is being said that his advisors/staff can take responsibility for that. There are articles that say that just as presidents in the past, Obama needs to take a close look at this staff and make some changes or continue to see a deeper dip in his polls.

I am not sure how The Daily Beast leans politically, but the article does make sense on a number of levels.

NJ Dem U.S. Sen Lautenberg with cancer

It has been announced that NJ Dem U.S. Senator Lautenberg has stomach cancer. He is 86 years old and will not be up for re-election for six years. If he resigns or the worse were to happen, the newly elected republican govenor in the state will be able to appoint a replacement for the remainder of his term (and we all know how that will go).

Not only are we looking like we are shooting ourselves in the foot but now it looks like we are running into bad run of luck as well. Hopefully this is something that can be treated and he can/will continue his service in the Senate.


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