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My Big Dance prediction

My prediction..Duke/Kansas St. (Kansas St will have a tough time with Butler but will prevail in the end) in the final game and Duke will win it. (I am a Carolina fan big time, but when it comes to the ACC..the farther Duke goes, the more the teams/schools/programs in the ACC get financially. Games were awesome !

GO ACC. Here's the latest:

James, I stole your skunk picture

James, hope you do not get me for theft but I stole your skunk picture to make a point here.

President Obama will be signing an executive order that strengthens the law that keeps taxpayer funds from paying for abortions. Hopefully that does not mean when the mother's life is in danger.

To me, this stinks. No, I am not some rabid pro-abortion advocate. In fact, I have said many times here on BlueNC that in most cases, I would not choose abortion myself as an alternative..emphasis on "most cases"..and I have instilled that belief in my children. But, there is more to this issue than just "when a life is a life" and so forth, which is the rabid anti-abortionists' big argument. This, to me, is a matter of CHOICE. I can not make that more clear. I really feel for women that are being TOLD what CHOICE they can make in this almost exclusively because of the christian right. Galls me !!

Government at its best

Does anyone have a story about how our government has done things of a ridiculous nature? Some of the things I have seen are just so "off the hook" and "mindboggling". Some are cute and so ridiculous they just make you cringe. Some just make you wonder WTF? and make you smile.

Anyone else have a story or pic or example?

Here's mine:


The time for debate is over

Barack Obama is getting down and dirty and I am personally loving it. He is on the campaign trail, not for office but for passing needed health insurance reform legislation. He is going after the insurance companies and, to me, this should have been the strategy all along. His most recent speech is a heavy duty assault.

The polls with regard to how the american people feel about this issue or this bill vary depending on the poll source. But, EVERY poll on the issue of how Americans feel about health insurance companies shows there is obvious disgust and overall ire at these company's dealings.

This strategy by Obama is a good one. We must turn the public opinion tide so that our wavering democratic politicians in D.C. will feel comfortable coming on board to get this thing done.


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