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Government entitlements and such

I am just now returning from an interesting round of golf and an even more interesting "discussion" with a couple of my more "right-leaning" friends in the clubhouse. These aren't "teapartiers", per se, but there was a little of that in this conversation. The discussion was about government entitlements and such.

Are we doing the right thing on nuclear proliferation?

I am currently unsure about this new direction President Obama is wanting to take our country with regard to nuclear weapons/nuclear proliferation. It scares me in a way and makes me think it might be a new beginning for us to end the threat of nuclear war among nations at the same time.

CNN's Jack Cafferty had this as part of today's discussion on this.

This disturbs me yet interests me:

Mr. Obama's new nuclear policy - in which the U.S. pledges to stop developing new nuclear weapons and not to use existing weapons to attack non-nuclear states that follow non-proliferation agreements

For James..being part American Indian

This is for you, even though it is not the tribe of your heritage. I loved hearing about your American Indian heritage and thought you would like to read this. American Indians have suffered FAR worse than the slaves that were brought here from Africa and the Chinese that were forced to build on the railroads and the immigrants from Mexico that picked our crops. We took this land from them. It was theirs. It was sacred ground to them. We have lost sight of that.

Okay, so you HATE Duke

Okay, so you might hate Duke, right? Oh, did I ever say here that I am this HUGE Tar Heel Fan????? Well, um, yeah..I am. But, in this case, Duke is representing not only North Carolina, but the ACC and with a Duke win, the NC University system will get some very needed bucks. So, hate Duke if ya want...but know that a Duke win will be bringing a "win" to our state not to mention a lot of dollars. Pull for them for that reason if for no other reason.

GO DUKE !!!!! But, they better not take Butler as a piece of cake. They didn't get to the final game because they aren't an outstanding team or haven't won like 25+ games in a row. This won't be a cake-walk. Coach K will have to have his guys on their "A" game.

I'm SO looking forward to watching it. Oh, and for you non-basketball fans? HGTV has a special going on :)

Race based admissions to colleges and universities

This is an interesting segment by Jack Cafferty of CNN on "race based" admissions into colleges and universities. This is of particular interest to we North Carolinians because of the recent Wake County resegregation controversy. Race is and will forever be a very controversial subject in America because, for one thing, we are the melting pot of the world when it comes to our populace. Whites have always seemed to have somewhat of an upper hand in not only getting an education but in getting jobs and in jobs promotions as well. Our country has made a huge amount of progress in "equaling the playing field" for minorities, of course, but there is always a question on how far we should go in that effort. Is it okay to deny a more qualified white student admission into a college or university because of a racial quota or in the interest of diversity?

Obama energy plan would open up Gulf drilling

Sometimes I do not know whether we are going forward or backward when it comes to what the president is doing. Now, he is looking at opening up new oil and natural gas exploration off of our East coast contrary to some of his most ardent supporters..environmentalists.

One part of this article that concerns me and will most certainly concern North Carolinians is:

Additionally, the interior department would be authorized to conduct seismic surveys off the south- and mid-Atlantic coasts to "determine the quantity and location of potential oil and gas resources to support energy planning."

I do not know. On one level I like doing what we can to achieve energy independance but then on another level I wonder about more and more drilling for something most progressives and environmentalists want to reduce or eliminate (not to mention right off our own coast).

Something is going on with Fox News at 9pm tonight

I have received 6 emails telling me I need to watch Fox News tonight at 9pm because they have some revelations they are putting out about Obama. Now, this just might be a ruse or some kind of gimmick to get people to watch the program. Not sure.

Also, I am not trying to get people to watch Fox News but if there is something going on, I thought it would be incumbent on me to tell everyone here. Please do not come down on me for putting this out. I got just too many notices about it for there not to be something to it and we need to stay aware of what is being said everyone.

Obama sneaks off to Afghanistan

It amazes me that the president of the U.S. can "sneak off" to a major war zone and absolutely no one knows it. From what the news media is saying, not even Afghanistan leader Karzai or General McChrystal knew he was coming. Guess there wasn't a caked baked, huh? :)

I love this. You just have to know that Obama is putting pressure on Karzai (and General McChrystal as well) because he is adamant about getting our troops out of there by next year. Obama is not taking his latest win with health care reform and just sitting back on his laurals. He is going forward with his agenda on war. We are now gradually withdrawing our forces in Iraq and that is Obama's goal in Afghanistan. Talk about a savings to our country fiscally !! Say what you want about the cost of some of the recent efforts by the current administration. If Obama can get our asses out of Iraq and Afghanistan, that will go a LONG WAY to keeping our country's expenditures down.


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