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Dale Folwell: Vote for me. I’m not insane.

It looks like Mark Robinson will have to fend off a primary challenge for governor from NC's current state treasurer. Should be interesting.

For starters, the race will give us a glimpse into the dark heart of the NCGOP. Are they all batshit crazy? Does Folwell agree with Robinson that women should be subservient to men? Or could it simply be the case that establishment Republicans are okay with a token black bigot as lieutenant governor, but not as top dog?

Decisions ahead

The meaning of HUCKSTER is a hawker or peddler, especially one who promotes something in an aggressive, dishonest, or annoying way. A better description of Mark Robinson cannot be had.

Mark Robinson's God Says "Nope" to Women Leaders

It's getting clear that Uncle Tom Robinson will be anointed as the NCGOP's candidate for governor in 2024. He's already running hard. Which is a good thing. Because the more Robinson talks, the better people can understand the man and the god who guides his politics.

Let's break it down. Again.

Jackson vs. Robinson

Our state's political sphere is over-flowing with people who are incompetent at communicating. Either through ignorance or neglect, far too many fall short at every level of engagement. Plus, some are simply bald-faced liars. They don't distinguish fact from fiction, they don't know how to give truthful speeches, they don't know how to answer simple questions, and they don't understand what it takes to connect honestly with other North Carolinians.

Rumor has it

I've received a flurry of emails over the past several days suggesting it's time to come to the aid of our party. I'm all in. Here's why.

The governor and his inner circle wanted Bobbie Richardson to remain in place as Chair. They we're comfortable with how the shots were being called and they wanted to stay the course with the same leadership, the same consultants, and the same results. We got our asses kicked last year, but it wasn't their fault.


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