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Rep. Renee Ellmers tells men to talk down to women so we can understand

That headline is not from The Onion. In her remarks to a group of conservative women who met last Friday to discuss the Republican response to the "war on women," Representative Renee Ellmers, NC-02, said that men need to bring things down to a woman's level so they don't risk turning us off with complicated data and charts.

The original article is here. A second is here with the full text of Elmer's comments and the audio.

Tone matters. How you speak to people matters.

GOP tax changes mean you pay more

GOP tax laws took effect this week that will mean a net increase for many North Carolina tax payers. For some it may not be a huge increase, but the fact is we are paying more. Republicans will nickel and dime us to death.

Eliminated was the tax-free shopping days scheduled for back-to-school shopping. Many of us saved on clothes, calculators, computers, and basic school supplies. The savings on a laptop for high school and college students was a huge benefit to many of us. You can see the full list of potential savings here.

Also eliminated was the tax-free shopping weekend for those buying certified energy-efficient household appliances. This tax break may not have been as widely enjoyed as the back-to-school tax break, but it was a much-needed incentive to encourage people to buy appliances that are more environmentally friendly.

Good News for Transparency in Campaign Finance

There was some good news this week for transparency in campaign finance. On July 1, an FCC rule took effect that will make it easier to find out who is paying for political ads on television.

In the past TV stations were required to keep paper records and to produce them if the records were requested in person. That has now changed and the information is easily found through documents stored on the FCC site.

Why is that important?

Dem to Watch: Senator Jeff Jackson

A couple of months ago a group of Democrats in Mecklenburg County met to select Senator Dan Clodfelter's replacement, after he resigned his seat to serve as mayor of Charlotte. Of the four candidates running, only two had enough support from the delegates to be considered serious challengers. Jeff Jackson was one of the two and while it was not a contentious election, something happened that prompted Jackson to step up and show his true character.

Another candidate, Darryl Bonaparte, had apparently failed to line up anyone to nominate him or to speak on his behalf. Ultimately, Darryl nominated himself, but when it came time for someone to second the nomination there was awkward silence. This is when Jeff Jackson stepped forward and did what may seem unthinkable to most of us in politics - he seconded Darryl's nomination and gave a sincere speech in support of his opponent.

Dems to Watch

One of the things I have always enjoyed as a perk of writing at BlueNC is learning about candidates and elected officials from different parts of the state. We have an impressive amount of political talent across the state and it includes people we should consider for higher office. The problem? We don't always shine a bright enough spotlight on these candidates and we don't keep track of them after the campaign season is over. I would like to take a step to change that.

An Invitation to the BlueNC Community

You are invited to write blog posts about people serving in your local government, in the state legislature, or who are members of your community interested in political office. Introduce them here and let us know they should be on the 'Dems to Watch' list.

Dems lose moral high ground

Making fun of the mentally ill is never OK. I do not care who you are, ridiculing people living with an illness or disability is despicable. Unfortunately, Thursday, that is exactly what an elected NCDP Congressional District chair and popular liberal blogger did in an open, public post on Facebook.

Thom Tillis timeline of attacks on real North Carolinians

Earlier this week I took a jab at Thom Tillis on Father's Day in honor of all the dads in North Carolina who are struggling under failed Republican policies pushed through the NCGA by Tillis and the Republican leadership. While it was a fun post to write, it really didn't shine a bright enough light on the problems dads (and moms) face in North Carolina. Allow me to close out Thom Tillis Day by correcting that.

The following are just a few of the many ways that Thom Tillis has shown a lack of respect for the citizens of this state and the ways that he has hurt North Carolina citizens and families by attacking them where and when they are most vulnerable.

Follow below the fold for the evidence...


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